Alex Kidd in Shinobi World for Sega Master System

I recently got a few new Sega Master System games, one of the was Alex Kidd in Shinobi World. I love the Alex Kidd games, so I was excited to try it out. However, on the second stage I got stuck… Watch my video below to see how I dealt with it!

8 thoughts on “Alex Kidd in Shinobi World for Sega Master System

    • I know you can find solutions for everything online, but when it comes to retro games I prefer figuring out how to solve things myself, since that was the way back then ;D However, when I’m playing Xbox and get stuck on achievements I usually get help from the internetz ^__^

  1. Excellent video :) You’re a real trooper!
    So how far did you end up getting in Shinobi World? I also have it but have never played yet. Now that you’ve discovered the “secret” of the bricks I think I can say Alex Kidd in Miracle World is a harder game. Shinobi World looks pretty good! *All crazy unique experiences aside :D
    As a kid I always felt that Alex Kidd in Miracle World was too hard, too unforgiving.
    I wish you had recorded yourself when you watched the youtube clip that showed you how to play that part. That would have been as priceless as the rest of your video.
    Think you’ll ever give it a go again? It sounded like you were enjoying it right up until you were hating it.
    Thanks for another awesome video. Loved it.

    • Thanks! :D
      I got through a few more worlds, but I was eventually too tired to continue.. I made a short montage during the video with some of the other worlds I visited.
      Haha, I had an easier time with Miracle World, that’s for sure ;D But true, it’s hard to memorize all the rock-paper-scissor outcomes, but damn that’s a fun game ^_^
      Haha I watched the youtube clip of how to do it like 10 minutes after giving up playing it, and I sat in my couch youtubing it on my phone. and man! I thought I would start crying lol!
      I might try it out again, after some years.. lol

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