Now it’s up, it’s not completely finished, I’ve gotten to ‘M’ right now.. but I will continue to update frequently! It’s still a bit more than halfway through all my Famicom games so far ^_^

You can find the list either through this link >
but it can also be found on my homepage underneath my pages on the right hand side here >>


24 thoughts on “MY FAMICOM LIBRARY!

  1. I’ve already checked out your list! It’s HUGE! And like you say you’re still only on M. I really like the smaller size of the Famicom carts. They are much prettier than the NES carts.
    Good job expanding your site content. This is very fun stuff to see.
    You should put up a ‘for trade’ page too. You must have some doubles! This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long tme.

  2. Nice! I’ll need to make time to read that list, for sure. I stopped collecting Famicom stuff a while back (and sold off a huge chunk of games), but every so often In get tempted to dive back into buying some. I’ve avoided that temptation so far (which is one reason I was able to pre-order a Wii U last week).

  3. Ouya is a new console that’s coming out March 2013.
    It’s open source and based on Android.
    Ouya Kickstarter Page
    It cost $100 and comes will one joystick. Everything for it will be a download. There’s not much more to say at the moment but it has a lot of potential.
    Check out the video in the link above.

  4. That is an epic collection. I am thinking of buying an actual NES as I am tired of emulator on my small computer screen.

    Putting together my wish list at

  5. I finally got a master list of all my famicom games, now I just have to scan my carts then I can put up a list of my games

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