PC Engine and Genpei Toumaden

Now I have finally gotten a PC Engine! It’s so cute and still so powerful! It’s got some really great games for it as well ^_^

For those of you who might not know what a PC Engine is, it is a japanese 8bit console that was released in 1987 by NEC and Hudson Soft. It was was later released in many different variations, the one I have is the Core Grafx. A few years after the Japan release the console also entered the North American market under the name Turbo Grafx 16.

Fun fact; the PC Engine holds the world record for the world’s smallest game console ever made according to Guinness World Records (I guess they’re not counting portables) ^_^

The games come in CD cases. They made an add-on with CD-ROM games for the PC Engine, but the first games were on HU Cards developed by Hudson Soft.

It’s really cool ^^ I’m really excited about this new console of mine and I’ve been playing it a lot! The games you see above are Genpei Toumaden 1 & 2, great sidescrolling platform adventures! Both are a lot of fun, but the second one is really hard!! I’ll go more into details and show off some more games soon.

20 thoughts on “PC Engine and Genpei Toumaden

  1. Awesome! Isn’t the PC-E the cutest thing?! The absolutely hilarious thing is it’s smaller than the handheld model (called the Turbo Express here) and it’s definitely something you can put in a pocket and carry around if you wanted to.

    Anyway, there are a LOT of great games for the system,as you’re finding out. TONS of shooters (although many of the best are on CDs). Poke around the internet and check out some of the PC-Engine fan pages, as there’s so much love for the system thanks to its software (and some other offbeat hardware)…

    • Is sure is!! :D I know I tried the Turbo Express recently, it’s huuuge! but I still kind of want one.. ^_^ I really need the CD thing first though, cause I already have some games for it that I currently can’t play :(

  2. I’m a HUGE fan of the PC Engine! I’m glad I stumble upon your blog!

    Genpei Toumaden 2 was ported to the TG-16 as Samurai Ghost, and I hate it! The first is way better with many different styles of gameplay.

    Have fun with your PCE!

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