PC Engine collection

Now I’ve finished a page on my PC Engine collection! So far I only have 53 games for the system, but it’s been growing fast ^_^ So I’ll keep updating the collection!
Some of my favorite games that I have for the PC Engine so far are:

Castlevania Rondo of Blood
This one mainly because it is a great addition to my Castlevania Collection, I haven’t been able to try it out yet since I don’t have the CD addition to the PC Engine or the DUO. >_< But I’ll hopefully have one soon!

Adventure Island
A really fun action platform adventure!

Final Soldier
A great vertical shooter!

This game I beat a few weeks ago, and it’s got some great music and the gameplay is really fun and different for a Batman game! :D

Dragon Saber
Great vertical shooter where you play as a dragon, it’s the sequel to Dragon Spirit which is also awesome ^_^

Genpei Toumaden
This game is both an overhead platformer and a sidescrolling platformer in 2 different sizes. It’s really challenging but also really fun!

Jinmu Denshou
This game is a lot like Space Harrier in the way you’re flying into the screen, but instead of shooting you have a sword to hit enemies with. Quite interesting, but also hard.

Makyou Densetsu (The Legendary Axe)
A fun action platformer! With awesome music! :D

Just soooooo much better than the Famicom version!!!

And I have loads more great games for the PC Engine, like R-Type, Rastan Saga II, Sokoban World, Space Harrier, Super Star Soldier, Tiger Road…

Check out my PC Engine Collection >>

PC Engine and Genpei Toumaden

Now I have finally gotten a PC Engine! It’s so cute and still so powerful! It’s got some really great games for it as well ^_^

For those of you who might not know what a PC Engine is, it is a japanese 8bit console that was released in 1987 by NEC and Hudson Soft. It was was later released in many different variations, the one I have is the Core Grafx. A few years after the Japan release the console also entered the North American market under the name Turbo Grafx 16.

Fun fact; the PC Engine holds the world record for the world’s smallest game console ever made according to Guinness World Records (I guess they’re not counting portables) ^_^

The games come in CD cases. They made an add-on with CD-ROM games for the PC Engine, but the first games were on HU Cards developed by Hudson Soft.

It’s really cool ^^ I’m really excited about this new console of mine and I’ve been playing it a lot! The games you see above are Genpei Toumaden 1 & 2, great sidescrolling platform adventures! Both are a lot of fun, but the second one is really hard!! I’ll go more into details and show off some more games soon.