Additions to the Famicom Collection

I’m trying to keep up the updating process of my Famicom Library, I’ve still only made it up to the letter “N” but it’s also a process of adding the recent purchases that are on previous letters. Today I’ve added:

A classic shooter by Capcom

A very different puzzle game, a bit too smart for my taste O_o

Balloon Fight
A classic Nintendo platformer ^_^

Bats & Terry
An okey side-scrolling platformer.

An absolute must have from Konami! Great action platformer ^_^


Crazy Climber
An arcade type platformer where you have to climb.. It was a bit dodgy though, not sure my copy is working properly, or perhaps I’m just not understanding the controls.. he just… won’t…. MOVE!!!! >_<

2 thoughts on “Additions to the Famicom Collection

  1. Oh you didn’t buy them from me. :( That’s why you got such a faded game, and good luck getting a refund :)

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