Famicom catalogue update!

My Famicom collection page was getting so massive that I had problems loading it even when I was just trying to edit! Therefore I have now re-designed the page and split it into sorting games from A-Z! (and yes, I actually have Famicom games in every single letter, except for X…)

This should hopefully make it easier to browse through the games for the visitor as well ^_^ Both in the top and bottom will be an alphabet of links to each page, like this:


I have also added a few new games to it. So far there’s 481 games in the list, I do however have a bit above 100 more to put in there under various letters. I’ll get to that soon ^_^

Every game is also labeled with their code on the cartridge, so if you are searching for a certain game that you have but need the name of you can search it in my search box and the correct page will pop up! :D

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omfg yay!

Oh, and I’ve also added three stars to a few of my personal favorites ^_^ So if you see stars it might actually be a f*cking awesome game!! :D ★★★

So what are you waiting for?? Go check out my new FAMICOM LIBRARY! :D

New Famicom additions: Airwolf, Dragon Spirit, Flipull, Holy Diver etc

I’m working on updating my Famicom Library with all my recent purchases.. it is time consuming >_< So far I’ve made it up to “K”. Among these new games are:
Anpanman Minna de Hiking Game!
Arabian Dream Scheherezade
Boulder Dash
Dark Lord
Dragon Spirit
Family Jockey
Family Tennis
Famista ’91
Final Fantasy 1 2
Flipull An Exciting Cube Game
Ganbare Goemon Gaiden Kieta Ougon Kiseru
Gun Sight
Hirake Ponkikki
Holy Diver
Hydlide Special
Jinsei Gekijou 3
Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken
Kiteretsu Daihyakka
Kyuukyoku Harakiri Stadium

Games I’d like to mention:

A fun shooter ^_^

Arabian Dream Scheherezade
I like the artwork, it’s an adventure game, wasn’t quite as fun as I had hoped though..

Boulder Dash
A classic puzzle platforming game, I love this game ^_^

Dragon Spirit
This is a really great shooter from Namco, where you play as a Dragon! :D

Flipull: An Exciting Cube Game
Is just what it says, an exciting cube game ;D Well, it’s a decent puzzle at least ^_^

Ganbare Goemon Gaiden Kieta Ougon Kiseru
Now I think I have all the Goemon games for the Famicom, but I’m not sure..

Gun Sight
A shooter to fill out my Konami collection ^_^ It’s in really nice condition!

Holy Diver
A really great platforming game! Lots of fun :D

And last but not least I’m gonna mention a timeless classic:

This game never gets old! It’s just so much fun to run around on an ostrich and flap about :D

Check out all the other newly added games in my Famicom Collection >>

I have simultaneously been working on a PC Engine collection library, I have so far scanned all the games I have and I’m working on a page for it as well :) coming soon!!

Additions to the Famicom Collection

I’m trying to keep up the updating process of my Famicom Library, I’ve still only made it up to the letter “N” but it’s also a process of adding the recent purchases that are on previous letters. Today I’ve added:

A classic shooter by Capcom

A very different puzzle game, a bit too smart for my taste O_o

Balloon Fight
A classic Nintendo platformer ^_^

Bats & Terry
An okey side-scrolling platformer.

An absolute must have from Konami! Great action platformer ^_^


Crazy Climber
An arcade type platformer where you have to climb.. It was a bit dodgy though, not sure my copy is working properly, or perhaps I’m just not understanding the controls.. he just… won’t…. MOVE!!!! >_<