Additions to my Castlevania Collection – Legacy of Darkness

Soon after having finished my post about my Castlevania Collection I realized I was missing quite a few games that I just haven’t gotten around to buying yet.. this bugged me so I went online and bought them ^_^ So far these ones have arrived:

It’s Castlevania Judgement for the Wii, Order of Ecclesia and Portrait of Ruin for the DS and Legacy of Darkness for N64. I’ve scanned them and added them to my Collection.

I also realized something when I tried out Legacy of Darkness.. it’s the same game as Legend of Cornell in Japan o_O So I basically already had the game..

But they looked so different, the artwork, the name and everything. I would never have thought it was the same game. But when I started Legacy of Darkness and found that the main character was called “Cornell” then I got it.. when comparing the backs they actually have exactly the same screenshots:

Well, for a complete collection I guess I will have to find all the different releases eventually anyway ;D

More Castlevania games are arriving soon! Will be updating then :)

10 thoughts on “Additions to my Castlevania Collection – Legacy of Darkness

  1. It’s fun to have little mini projects in the collection. Trying to get all of a series like Castlevania is a good goal to strive for.
    I’ve got a lot of little mini goals for my collection. Keeps things spicy!

    • Nice, I collect SNES and SFC but I don’t really like collecting them, since the cartridges don’t have endlabels I prefer getting the complete ones, but as you say they’re either really pricey or just really crappy condition because of the paper boxes >_<
      I buy games from Australia sometimes though ^_^ Since it's also PAL over there :D

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