Reflections on my Famicom Library, anyone? :)

My Famicom Library is meant to be  of help for people who are also collecting for the Famicom. Like finding the name of a certain cartridge or looking up what kind of genre a certain game is. But I would love some feedback, is there any information lacking that could be of interest? Should I rate the games if they’re good or bad or decent? Should I add the cartridge colour to the description so that you could ctrl+F search for  i.e “Turquoise” to skip through all the turqoise coloured cartridges? Any ideas or comments are welcome ^_^

Anyway, here’s some newly added games to my collection:

Ganbare Goemon 2
An interesting asian style platformer by Konami

Hana no Sutā Kaidou
A really interesting platformer where you control two characters on the screen simultaneously. It creates an interesting challenge ^_^

Jajamaru Ninpou Chou
I thought this game would be just like Jajamaru no Daibouken but it’s not :( This one is an RPG >_<

Mad City
Mad City IS The Adventures of Bayou Billy (by Konami)

Metal Gear
I don’t think this game needs an introduction ;D

Nishimura Kyoutarou Mystery Super Express Satsujin Jiken
I call anything with too much text an RPG. Even though this actually is some kind of murder-mystery-crime-solving-bullshit.

13 thoughts on “Reflections on my Famicom Library, anyone? :)

    • Thanks!! :D
      Difficulty! Interesting, that means I would actually have to play all of them ;D haha no but seriously, I have tried them all out, and some I played more than other depending on how good they were.
      I know you like difficult games, how’s it going with FF9? ;D

  1. A friend made me a list like this for famicom carts once actually, with every single cart. But with its 100 MB my computer can’t handle it. I tried to export it as a HTML file but the images got all messed up.

    Well, I think people would appreciate the English name for the game if they want to find it, and the codes.

    I might steal the list later and put it on my website, hahaha.

  2. I’m starting to learn japanese and find that old famicom games are a fun way to learn. I find your reviews and descriptions of each type of game very useful in finding something I can handle. Thank you!

    • Thanks! :D I studied some japanese as well and I don’t really find it troublesome working through menues, however it looses all my interest when it’s an RPG just based on conversations because those I can’t follow o_O
      It’s really a fun language though! Keep up the good work of studying it! :D

    (in case you couldn’t figure it out, I LOVE “The Adventures of Bayou Billy”)

    Great collection and I can’t wait to see some more gameplay videos from the imports!

    • Haha no shit? ;D
      I will try to make some time for videos soon, the last couple of weeks I’ve just been tending to all the new games arriving in the mail! O_o
      I have some really fun video ideas though ^^ Hopefully I can make them soon!

  4. Excellent stuff as usual! It’s a helpful list to me because my collection has shrunk to the point where I’ll probably stick with what I have and it’s cool to see games I had or don’t have pop up here and elsewhere so I can see what others think of them.

    Heh – maybe it’s time for you to learn a little Japanese there – you can play some of those boring RPGs and muder mystery games and see they’re not so bad after all.

    • Hehe, well you know, I don’t even play RPG’s when they’re in English! Or Swedish for that matter ;D hahaha
      I’m the kind of gamer who skips through tutorials, text and any kind of conversation to get to actual gameplay. If it’s unskippable it pisses me off! haha ^_^

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