PC Engine collection

Now I’ve finished a page on my PC Engine collection! So far I only have 53 games for the system, but it’s been growing fast ^_^ So I’ll keep updating the collection!
Some of my favorite games that I have for the PC Engine so far are:

Castlevania Rondo of Blood
This one mainly because it is a great addition to my Castlevania Collection, I haven’t been able to try it out yet since I don’t have the CD addition to the PC Engine or the DUO. >_< But I’ll hopefully have one soon!

Adventure Island
A really fun action platform adventure!

Final Soldier
A great vertical shooter!

This game I beat a few weeks ago, and it’s got some great music and the gameplay is really fun and different for a Batman game! :D

Dragon Saber
Great vertical shooter where you play as a dragon, it’s the sequel to Dragon Spirit which is also awesome ^_^

Genpei Toumaden
This game is both an overhead platformer and a sidescrolling platformer in 2 different sizes. It’s really challenging but also really fun!

Jinmu Denshou
This game is a lot like Space Harrier in the way you’re flying into the screen, but instead of shooting you have a sword to hit enemies with. Quite interesting, but also hard.

Makyou Densetsu (The Legendary Axe)
A fun action platformer! With awesome music! :D

Just soooooo much better than the Famicom version!!!

And I have loads more great games for the PC Engine, like R-Type, Rastan Saga II, Sokoban World, Space Harrier, Super Star Soldier, Tiger Road…

Check out my PC Engine Collection >>

3 thoughts on “PC Engine collection

  1. I just got all my PCE stuff back! I had a house fire, and my collection was ground zero! Fortunately, all my PCE/TG16 stuff survived somehow! The manuals are singed and all the cases are melted and warped, but the games are fine, and the manuals are at least readable. I don’t know how they survived. The Retro Gaming gods must have taken pity on me that day…

    I have about 100 PCE games and all but 5 TG16 games (a little over 140, I think). I want to take pictures of the stuff that survived and post them soon!

  2. Some very cool looking games! Adventure Island and Dragon Saber really stand out for me. What are they like?
    Adventure Island sounds like a Wonder Boy title but it looks like it might be something very different.
    I don’t know much about the PC Engine and it’s exciting to see some cool games that I never knew of before!

  3. Nice stuff so far! Of course, I’ve been to lazy/busy to do this sort of thing, but that’s going to slowly change in 2013. I can’t wait until you get a CD add-on (or even better, a Turbo Duo with a system 3.0 card built in). In a number of ways, the PC-E has some cooler games than the Famicom, but Nintendo has its classics and mascots that can’t be beat at all.

    Still, once you start seeing all the great space shooters on CD, you’ll be in heaven.

    Oh yeah – R-Type on the HuCard comes in two parts, so you need to get the other one. On the other hand, you can also get R-Type Complete on CD, as it’s the whole game and a cool cinematic intro.

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