Contra Spirits and Super Aleste for Super Famicom!

Yesterday I got a package with two Super Famicom (Japanese SNES) games that I bought recently ^_^ Complete in box Contra Spirits and Super Aleste! I tried them both out and damn they were fun games!! :D Totally worth the money ^^ I paid approximately 59$ for Contra Spirits and 44$ for Super Aleste.

Contra Spirits is much like the previous Contra games. I really enjoyed it ^_^ Lots of enemies and power-ups and best of all, 2-player co-op mode! :D

How manly isn’t this?! :D

You even get to drive a tank!

It’s really hard though, even when playing 2-player. I only made it to the third stage, but man! That second stage was hard!!!

The second stage is top view and it took a while to get used to the controls. You turn your character with the L & R buttons on the SNES controller. Pressing both simultaneously will make him spin and shoot in all directions for a second or two.

I died many times on this stage, but eventually I managed to kill the second boss!

He just spins around like crazy and you have to back up constantly to avoid him hitting you. He even jump-attacks you, covering the whole screen.

On the third stage I gave up after killing this mid-boss thingy.. when he died rockets came out of nowhere and killed me >_< I will give it another go when my friend NinjaBrite is here, we are kickass when playing Contra together ^_^

Super Aleste is a really cool shmup (shoot ’em up). It’s really fast, filled with power-ups, barriers and enemies to shoot ^_^ However, we didn’t manage to get past the first boss yet >_< super haaard!

This part of the intro cracks me up (^∇^)

Nope, you can not fly through that thing.. shoot it!

Great games, if you ever come across them, pick them up :D

9 thoughts on “Contra Spirits and Super Aleste for Super Famicom!

  1. I loved Contra for the SNES. It’s an excellent game. Hard as heck but a great game! So much variety and excellent boss fights.
    Super Aleste looks pretty different compared to Alesta/Musha for the Mega Drive. I love Sega’s version a lot and I’m curious now about SNES version.
    I know these games are very popular and expensive. I think you did ok considering they’re boxed and in good shape.
    These are VERY nice additions to your collection!

    • Thanks! :D
      I haven’t played Musha Aleste.. but I’ve heard it’s great too ^^ Probably better than Super Aleste since it’s usually more expensive ;D haha, but then again, they don’t always base the pricing of retro games on the quality of the actual game.. too much focus is put on scarcity >-<
      Do you have the Super Famicom? It's usually much cheaper collecting boxed nice games for the SFC than the SNES.

    • That is probably true ^^ It’s also harder since you have to make sure to keep the same pace, if one player falls behind you can’t advance since they’re stuck at the back of the screen and you will most likely get killed. >_<

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