Contra Spirits and Super Aleste for Super Famicom!

Yesterday I got a package with two Super Famicom (Japanese SNES) games that I bought recently ^_^ Complete in box Contra Spirits and Super Aleste! I tried them both out and damn they were fun games!! :D Totally worth the money ^^ I paid approximately 59$ for Contra Spirits and 44$ for Super Aleste.

Contra Spirits is much like the previous Contra games. I really enjoyed it ^_^ Lots of enemies and power-ups and best of all, 2-player co-op mode! :D

How manly isn’t this?! :D

You even get to drive a tank!

It’s really hard though, even when playing 2-player. I only made it to the third stage, but man! That second stage was hard!!!

The second stage is top view and it took a while to get used to the controls. You turn your character with the L & R buttons on the SNES controller. Pressing both simultaneously will make him spin and shoot in all directions for a second or two.

I died many times on this stage, but eventually I managed to kill the second boss!

He just spins around like crazy and you have to back up constantly to avoid him hitting you. He even jump-attacks you, covering the whole screen.

On the third stage I gave up after killing this mid-boss thingy.. when he died rockets came out of nowhere and killed me >_< I will give it another go when my friend NinjaBrite is here, we are kickass when playing Contra together ^_^

Super Aleste is a really cool shmup (shoot ’em up). It’s really fast, filled with power-ups, barriers and enemies to shoot ^_^ However, we didn’t manage to get past the first boss yet >_< super haaard!

This part of the intro cracks me up (^∇^)

Nope, you can not fly through that thing.. shoot it!

Great games, if you ever come across them, pick them up :D