Magician Lord for Neo Geo

Clearing games on the Neo Geo X Gold isn’t really too hard. Simulating an arcade game where you would have unlimited coins basically gives you unlimited continues. You just have to be persistent and not give up half-way through, and that’s what I did yesterday for about an hour ^_^ I managed to clear Magician Lord on the NeoGeo X Gold. I did however use A LOT of continues!
Neo Geo Magician Lord - continue screen

Magician Lord is a side-scrolling platform game starring the wizard Elta. You only have 2 in health unless you pick up orbs that gives you more powers, you might even transform into other creatures. For example a 2-legged dragon-man spitting fire, or a ninja throwing swirling sticks :) but when you get hurt  you turn back into your magician self, with a big wizard hat. The various forms are: Dragon Warrior, Waterman, Poseidon, Shinobi, Samurai and Raijin, all with various abilities. I did however not find orbs to try them all out. Before the last boss you get to choose whichever form you would like to use. I choose Raijin but lost the power after about half a second ;D haha
Neo Geo Magician Lord - different forms

Neo Geo Magician Lord - Dragon form

Some stages are quite tricky since you have various paths to take and only one leads to the boss. Once you find a grey carved stone with a figure in it you find the first stage of the boss. It’s always a smaller creature to take out, once you’ve cleared him/her you will get warped up to the main boss for each stage. This is usually something larger but in my opinion easier to beat (easier to dodge). Before you encounter the big boss at the end of each stage you will get a warning from the main bad guy. These are hilarious since they are voiced! I put together a video clip of all the cutscenes before the bosses, check it out!

Sometimes hoards of enemies jump you, and you will die several times in the same spot before being able to move forward, however one nice thing is that if you die or even have to use a continue every single enemy you have taken out will still be dead (except for a few constantly re-spawning enemies) and you will begin at the exact same spot where you died.
Neo Geo Magician Lord - Hoard of frogs

The music of Magician Lord wasn’t very impressive, quite boring and repetitive. The graphics were ok though. There was a lot of variation in sceneries and also enemies. Here’s all the bosses:
Neo Geo Magician Lord - Bos 1.2
Neo Geo Magician Lord - Boss 2.2
Neo Geo Magician Lord - Boss 3.2
Neo Geo Magician Lord - Boss 4.2
Neo Geo Magician Lord - Boss 6.2
Neo Geo Magician Lord - Boss 7.2

After you’ve beaten the first seven stages and their bosses you will encounter every single mini-boss again, in a row, then you will get to the final boss.
Neo Geo Magician Lord - Final Boss

And then it’s The End
Neo Geo Magician Lord - Ending

One of the stage names really cracked me up! Hahaha.. “Anderground“, I wonder if it’s a typo or if that’s what it’s called.. ;D Judging from the cutscenes with the bad voiceovers it’s probably a mistake..
Neo Geo Magician Lord - Anderground LOL

Neo Geo Magician Lord - Game Over

8 thoughts on “Magician Lord for Neo Geo

  1. Ah,THAT game… I hated it for years because it cost so much to play in the arcades and losing wasn’t an option, lol. Yeah, it’s easier to beat with unlimited continues, but man, can those levels (and enemies) be more of a pain than the bosses! OK, what’s next? (Metal Slug! Metal Slug!)

  2. Good little review! :)
    I think this game would be a lot better if they made it easier and gave you limited continues. You’re so right. If you stick with it you will beat the game.
    Although, I almost gave up trying jump across those platforms on the outdoor cloud/mountain stage (2nd last stage?). Those damn brown ball demon things kept knocking me off to instant death!

    • Thanks! That would definitely make for a better challenge, instead of being super hard and having you use continues every couple of steps you take >_<
      Haha, I thought that part would be really hard, but on my third try I got lucky and got past it! :D (Precision jumping is definitely my thing ;D)

  3. Magician Lord is the whole reason I bought a Neo Geo Arcade cabinet 10 years ago. One of those games I played growing up. I’ll give you a small list of the best Neo Games. Metal Slug 1,3, and X. Last Blade 1 and 2, Samurai Shodown 2,3, and 4. Waku Waku 7, Magical Drop 3 (my favorite), Pulstar, Blazing Star, Art of ,Fighting 3, Windjammers (awesome with friends), Ninja Masters, Rage of the Dragons, Shock Troopers, Mark of the Wolves, Viewpoint, KOF 96,97, and 98, Matrimelee, Twinkle Star Sprites (very cool game). And also some interesting games that are not great but fun… Top Hunter, Miracle Adventure, Blues Journey, Ninja Combat (incerdibly hard), Gururin, Nightmare in the Dark. Hope that helps :)

    • Cool, you have the original Arcade cabinet?? :D
      I wish I had a few arcade cabinets too, but they’re usually way to expensive for me because of the overseas shipping.. :(
      Thanks for the list! I hope some of these will be released in the next volume for the Neo Geo X!! ^_^ Otherwise I will just have to look for them on ebay, hoping they won’t be too expensive ;D

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