Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition!

Guess what I bought myself this weekend! :D
Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition black

A Neo Geo X Gold, limited edition!
Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition Box front
Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition Box back

It’s a portable handheld new release of SNK’s Neo Geo, containing 20 classic Neo Geo games! I’ve always wanted a Neo Geo, but it’s always been really expensive, especially the good games!! But now I finally have one which I can play the games on, and it’s so shiny and pretty ^_^
Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition System

With this package I also got a Neo Geo Station that looks like the original Neo Geo AES console!
Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition System Case

It opens up so that you can plug in the NeoGeo handheld and then connect it to the TV (you can also connect the handheld directly to the TV) through HDMI or RCA. However the only way to charge the handheld is through this docking station.

NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition System Case Open
Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition System Case Open plugin

There’s even a replica of the original controller, the arcade joystick! :D So you can get to experience the classic  way of Neo Geo gaming ^_^
Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition Arcade Joystick

The interface is really stylish :)
Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition Interface

And in the package I also got an extra game card (apart from the 20 built in games). A game called Ninja Masters ^_^
Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition Ninja Masters

It is possible to plug in these game cards on the side of the handheld, I’m not sure whether they intend on releasing more games for it, that would be cool though ^_^ Tonight I finished my first game on the system, I will make a review of it tomorrow probably ;D

30 thoughts on “Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition!

  1. Very nice :) I also bought one of these myself. However my dock is defective and I have to ship it back! But they are going to replace it for me.
    They have recently announced 15 upcoming games to be released in 5 Volume of 3 games on each card.
    You can see the details here:
    Upcoming Neo Geo X games.
    I also think this hand held is pretty slick. But I’ve read some reviews from Neo Geo owners and some of them hate this thing.
    But regardless for us this is a chance to try out this legendary system! :) Personally I really like it.

    • awesome! :D Of course if would be a little bit cooler owning the original system, but I think it’s really cool that they pay such homage to the retro system that they re-release it this many years later ^_^

  2. Hmm, my link seems to be screwed up. This is what I tried to link to:

    And here are the up coming games. I don’t which ones are being bunbdled together:


    • Hey geelw,
      That’s a great idea. I would love to see some non-arcade games for the Neo Geo X. That’s the one thing I don’t like about it. With unlimited continues you WILL beat any game you want.

      How do you guys find it looks when you port it to your TV?

      • The TV image is OK – not quite as perfect as running the game from a NeoGeo cart directly to the TV from a console, but that’s to be expected with the method the X uses, I suppose. I’m using an old standard def TV in the bedroom, so I’m not so picky as an HD-only gamer. I’d say the PS2 collection runs better (but has really long load times if you save), but the colors pop a bit more on the X and you get the controls that are more familiar with the NeoGeo controller

        Off topic (sort of), I’d LOVE to play Crystalis on the X (one of their cooler action/RPG I bet even stopwhispering would like because it’s all action and not a ton of boring stuff). There’s actually an awesome fan “remake” that’s more than a remake and quite impressive here:

  3. I’ve been looking at Neo Geo stuff for 6 months at least, but the only thing that is affordable is the CD games. Even then, they are mostly fighting games that can be found on Saturn or even SNES, with worse graphics but no loading times. I haven’t had the chance to try out the system though.
    I really liked the Neo Geo Pocket Color, but honestly there might only be 10-20 playable games for it.

  4. Looks very, very nice! How much does this whole thing cost?

    As you said, the NeoGeo is expensive, as are the games, so this looks like a good alternative that many retro gamers might enjoy!

    It can also play the actual games too, right?

    • Hi Allahweh,
      Unfortunately the Neo Geo X cannot play the actual cartridge games. The docking station is just a dock for the handheld unit for powering it and porting the display to your TV.
      That would have been a very cool feature. I always loved how HUGE those original carts are!

      • Ah, well that stinks then! So you are stuck with the games provided on this hand-held’s memory, then?

        I guess that’s okay. I know recently a company came out with a “new” handheld Genesis unit, but it was frought with bugs, like the fact that it could not write data to cartridges, thus rendering the big ticket RPGs like PSIV essentially unplayable. :(

        Still, it’s a novelty item, at least!

      • It’s very well made, unfortunate that it can’t take those old cartridges though, but they are intending to release more classics on SD cards for it, so it’s not only the games on it ^_^

        I paid 2.100 Swedish kronor, which is approximately 328 USD.

      • This brings up an interesting point: If you can get games via SD to run on it, what stops you from downloading ROMs, essentially (which is what they would be doing, I guess!) and putting them on the SD…Or is there some trick to getting the ROMs to run that only they would be able to do and you couldn’t?

      • I don’t know if it’s regular SD cards or some kind of specially made ones for this system. But it looks like SD cards, but I bet they have some kind of encryption to prevent that..

      • I wouldn’t be suprised is someone figures out how to load ROMs onto the Neo Geo X.
        But if these games come out cheap and have nice packaging I’d be happy to buy them. Something more of the shelf! :P

  5. What’s the new handheld Genesis? I’ve bought two different ones and both cannot write save games. And like you say it’s a huge feature to be missing out on. Any game with a save feature can’t really be played. I wonder why it’s so hard get this one thing working. Specially considering these different 3rd party people actually came so close.

    • The ones I am thinking of were by a company called “AtPlay,” one was a standard model and the other was portable.

      I’m not hugely technical with this stuff, but here’s my guess: I think the issue actually has to do with these consoles being a bit more software-emulation based than hardware, but as a result being designed to read-in data rather than write data out. Maybe they simply removed the latter functionality as a way to use cheaper, less complex circuits and save money. And, to be fair, a lot of people are just going to do quick games of Sonic the Hedgehog or something and won’t care.

      Personally, I still think they are missing out on some possibilities by not spending slightly more and building in some save features.

      • I believe the NGX is an “open” platform, so the hackers will have emulators up and running soon enough. That’s a “good” thing for some users who want expanded libraries and it hopefully shouldn’t hurt SNK/Playmore if those emulators aren’t NeoGeo games…

      • Dude! Keep me posted if you find out more about it ^_^ I wouldn’t dare to try it if it would damage the hardware in anyway.. I know nothing about these things >_<

      • Makes sense, and you are right: Emulation won’t hurt them. Often what happens is people play these games, like them, and later track down the paid-for copies.

  6. Recently I finally got around to hooking up my Neo Geo X to my TV via the docking station that the unit comes with.

    Wow, what a disappointment.

    The games are playable and it works just enough for for Tommo to say it’s a fully working product; but barely. The upscaling to a modern HD TV is OK but not great. There is screen tearing and the USB joystick isn’t that great. If you play a Neo Geo game with an actual Neo Geo joystick you’ll see right away the difference in quality compared to Tommo’s version. If Tommo’s NGX joystick cost $20 I would say that’s fair but for $50 there is no excuse for not making hit the same caliber of the AES joystick.
    These issues are enough to ruin what should have been a fun retro gaming experience.

    The up side? Personally I feel the NGX hand held unit itself is very good. Seriously, I like it a lot. Long before I plugged it into my TV I spent a lot of time with it. It looks great and plays really well. I experienced no technical issues at all with the hand held unit. And I like a lot of the games that come built-in and the first add-on Mega Pack Volume 1. I can’t afford kick-butt games like Mutation Nation or Last Resort for my AES so I can thoroughly enjoy them on my NGX.

    If you find an NGX for $100 I feel it’s worth it. But you should make sure you also have the budget for the Mega Pack Volume 1.

    If Mega Pack Volume 2 ever comes out I’ll buy it right away.

    • Try it on that CRT telly you have. I think the image is better suited to a non-HD set. I need to grab that Mega Pack, as it’s got a bunch of games I’ve yet to play or have only seen long ago in arcades or at a friend’s who had a Neo Geo and was constantly buying games for it (and always complaining he was broke, lol)…

      • That’s a very good idea. I will try the NGX on my CRT TV. Why didn’t I think of that?! Here’s hoping that it’s much much better.
        With no scaling required maybe the screen tearing will be gone…
        Brilliant idea! :)

        I know the feeling when paying for Neo Geo AES games! I bought a bunch of the more affordable ones and my bank account feels all bustest up!

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