More Bday gift games ^_^ Aleste, Rock N’ Bolt, Kid Icarus, Gun.Smoke etc

Here’s a few other games I got for my birthday ^_^

Some Famicom Disk System games, most were complete with manual as well, Kid Icarus, Gall Force, Gun.Smoke and Zanac :) I have a copy of Kid Icarus for the NES, however that one doesn’t always work so I’m really happy for this Disk System one :) I also already had Gun.Smoke for the NES, but it’s a great game and it’s always interesting to see if there are any differences between the disk and the cart version ^_^
Famicom Disk System games - Kid Icarus, Gall Force, Gun.Smoke, Zanac

Then there were two japanese Sega Master System games, Aleste and Rock N’ Bolt. I’m excited to try these out! Rock N’ Bolt I’ve never heard of before ^_^
Sega Master system games Rock N' Bolt and Aleste
Also Columns for japanese Sega Mega Drive:
Sega Mega Drive Columns

And a few Famicom games I didn’t previously have: The Blue Marlin, Musashi no Bouken, Jackie Chan, The Lord of King and Great Deal.
Famicom games - Blue Marling, Musashi, Jackie Chan, Lord of King, Great Deal

And last but not least a bunch of PC Engine games that I didn’t have :D I will upload these to the PC Engine library soon ^_^
PC Engine games

12 thoughts on “More Bday gift games ^_^ Aleste, Rock N’ Bolt, Kid Icarus, Gun.Smoke etc

  1. Those Sega Master System games are for the Sega Mark III. I have a bunch of them. Aleste is a good one. I also haven’t heard of Rock N’ Bolt.
    I would love to find a copy of Mirracle Warriors (Haja no Fūin) for the Sega Mark III someday.

    No, not for the green boobies (although they are quite lovely lol) but because it’s one of my favorite Sega Master System games.

    Don’t Japanese Sega Mega Drive games look so good in their cases?! :) I love ’em!

    All are very nice additions!

  2. Kid Icarus is one of my favorite NES / Famicom games, even though I only learnt of it recently. In fact I last played through it about a week ago, but I got the worst ending… The FDS version has different criteras for the ending and I don’t have the patience to collect coins and shoot all enemies.
    I played Zanac AI two months ago and I would say it is my favorite NES / Famicom shooter game. But it got too hard for me at the end.

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