Family Computer Robot: R.O.B.


For my birthday I got A LOT of games, I’ll share those soon, but first I wanna share one of my favorite gifts! :D My boyfriend bought a Nintendo Family Computer Robot (also known as R.O.B) from FredJ for my birthday :D I’ve wanted one of these robots for such a long time, but it has either not been in good enough shape, or it’s been too expensive. So this gift made me very happy ^_^ It even came in an original box! The box was a bit tattered.. but the Robot was in great condition with the block set!

So today I took Rob the Robot out for a little photo shoot ^_^ Look at his prettiness :D

I had a curious friend who really wanted to be in the pictures as well, it was hard not to let her ^_^
kitty and rob
kitty and rob2

28 thoughts on “Family Computer Robot: R.O.B.

  1. Ha! Giant Cat vs. Giant R.O.B.ot! Yes, I got a nice laugh at those two shots. Keep R.O.B. in his box or he’ll try to choke you at night. Or he’ll keep bringing you coffee. R.O.B. makes great coffee with all those arms going at once… =^P

      • I bet she was thinking “hmm… let’z see now, I can’t CLIMB on it… itz has a lotz of handz… iz for tummy rub?” and wondering why R.O.B. was standing there not doing anything…

  2. You keep showing us that you’re really a very good photographer. Very nice shots.
    I thought the US version of ROB was hard to find I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to get a good Japanese one. This is the firs time I’ve it.
    When I was a kid and tried ROB I was so impressed!… until I realized you could just use your feet to push the pads :P
    He’s a very nice addition to the retro collection!

    • Thanks! ^_^
      Well I think I’ve come across the NES ROB just as many times as the Famicom ROB, but it’s not very often indeed!
      I’m happy to have one finally ^_^ And I will probably keep an eye out for the NES grey version as well (even though I think the Famicom one is prettier) ;D
      I was giddy as a kid when trying it out for the first time now that I got him! LOL! Even though it’s not actually that amazing to play stack-up and you actually have to keep score yourself to make sure you are “winning” it was still pretty fucking amazing that I CONTROLLED A FRIGGIN’ ROBOT :D :D

    • I got stack-up with it and all the blocks (it’s called just “block” for the Famicom though). I have Gyromite for the NES, gotta find it for the Famicom though ^^ Or maybe an NES R.O.B ;D

      • Oh, does the Famicom R.O.B. use a different way to hook up other than the sandard second controller port? I really need to get a AV Famicom and the Disk system again, or maybe a Twin Famicom. Would it work with those units?

      • Ehm.. I’m not sure how the US version works, but when I played stack up it wasn’t connected to the console at all, I just put some batteries in him and turned him towards the TV screen, then he reacted off of the flashes ^_^ It works with any Famicom unit that can play the cartridge I assume ^^

  3. Nice to see he got a nice home. I have two more but they aren’t that complete. Did you try it? I know it works.

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  5. You prolly shouldn’t leave your buddy R.OB. in the middle of the road like that. He would probably be pretty upset if he got ran over by a Zamboni.

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