Space Invaders for Virtual Boy!

I finally got one step closer to completing my Virtual Boy collection! :D Nintendo’s Virtual Boy was one of the first things I started collecting for, since it was never released here in Europe I got very intrigued by the system :) I have three Virtual Boy systems and all the US released Virtual Boy games, now that I recently found Water World at Retro Gathering! :D

Through the years though I’ve found out about games that was released in Japan that I didn’t know about. At one time I thought I had them all, when I got Jack Bros and Innsmouth no Yakata, but then I found out about the three that I was lacking.. These were Space Invaders (which always had a ridiculous price tag of 1.400 USD on eBay), Virtual Lab and SD Gundam Dimension War which are even more expensive and hardly ever found for sale.. now I’ve finally got one down though! :D Space Invaders! (Which is probably the most fun one out of the three I just mentioned). I found it on eBay and it wasn’t cheap.. I got it for 500 USD. A few years ago I never thought I would ever be able to pay this much for a single game, but now that I’ve almost bought every “cheap” game that is out there, the only ones left are the rare and expensive ones >_< I’m still very happy to have this one though, and I doubt that it will loose it’s value any time soon :)

Space Invaders Virtual Boy

The one I found is complete and in excellent condition! So minty ^__^
Space Invaders Virtual Boy Complete

Space Invaders Virtual Boy Complete back

Now I’ve only got 2 more to go ^_^ Wish me luck!

Virtual Boy with Space Invaders

Is anybody else collecting for the Virtual Boy? :)

11 thoughts on “Space Invaders for Virtual Boy!

  1. I’m not collecting for it (I don’t have anything Virtual Boy related) though I’m very interested to play Wario Land for that system, and maybe even Mario Bros. I don’t know if that’s good enough a reason to buy the system though.

      • I haven’t unfortunately. I haven’t been able to get to events and such where they have units to try either. It’s a goal to fulfill eventually at any rate :-)


    You’re unstoppable!! That’s a lot of money to throw down on a retro video gaming purchase! But like you said to me earlier I also just recently laid down some serious coin for my awesome Neo Geo MVS cabinet. So I know the feeling…. and it feels gooooooood!! Don’t it? :D

    I know so little about the Virtual Boy. What does it look like playing it? Is it more similar to the NES or the SNES?

    See, with this Space Invaders you knew the going price over many years of watching. And you knew a seriously discounted price for the game when you saw it. So you made a decision based on some real life experience/knowledge.
    And it doesn’t hurt at all that it is totally minty :)

    I can’t even imagine only having two more games to purchase to complete a set. That has to feel good too. So yes, I totally wish you luck on hunting down the remaining two Virtual Boy games.
    So that mean you’ll have all US Virtual Boy games and all Japanese Virtual Boy games? So your complete set will consist of every single game from all regions/versions it appeared in? That’s insane!!

    And again, your pictures of the games you display for your posts always look soooo nice. Great job.

    • Boy, I’m STILL kicking myself for not getting at least two of these complete when they were closing them out at about $5 at Blockbuster Video way back in the 90’s. Oh well. I tried the system out but didn’t like it much other than to appreciate the 3D working quite well. I did get a sore neck and my eyeballs were ablaze after about 20 minutes of looking down into that demo unit, so at least I tried it out.

      Those last two games will be a pricey pair indeed. Good luck on tracking them down for a decent price!

    • indeed! It feels incredibly good ^___^
      Oh it’s very hard to describe, but I feel like it’s more 8bit than 16-bit.. I will see if I can take a decent picture through the goggles one day ^^
      Nah, I’m actually missing Jack Bros as a US release.. but that one isn’t too hard to find :) I’ve been satisfied with having the JP version so far.. but I’ll get it eventually if it crosses my path ^_^

  3. Congrats on the new VB games Heidi. I am getting close to having the 14 US/Can releases. 10/14.. not too bad. I agree warioland is pretty good. When is a mario game terrible though lol ;) The US/Can Jack Bros. is the only one i haven’t seen ever. Seen the Japan version. Once again great that you got those games

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