Retrogathering 2014!

This year was the first time I visited the Swedish retro gaming gathering called Retrogathering, and it was not a disappointment! :D They had loads of retro games for sale, games to be played, people cosplaying, lectures by people from the industry, competitions and of course the Swedish Pong championships that they host every year! (yes I participated, and no I did not win >_<)

Here’s some pictures to re-cap the event! First off is some of all the trading tables where people and companies sold retro games, consoles and merchandise. Everything from old Atari and computers to Nintendo, Sega, Playstation and Xbox! I personally found loads of fun stuff! Went home with over 70 games!! :D


They also had a huge setup of old systems that could be played. Loads of classics but also some more unknown systems that was very interesting to see :) The last two pictures are of a Swedish version of the Magnavox Odyssey, it’s called “Kanal 34” (Channel 34) and it’s from 1976.

They held two competitions apart from the Pong championships. These were competitions in Tetris for Super Nintendo and Tekken for Playstation 1. My friends over at GamingGrannar participated in the Tetris competition and came in both 2nd and 1st place! Congratulations! :D
RetroGathering2014-tetris RetroGathering2014-tetris-game RetroGathering2014-gaminggrannar RetroGathering2014-Pong-SM

The cosplays at Retrogathering were absolutely fantastic! All costumes were home made and stunning! It was so much fun to see them walk around all day and interact with people! There was an Alien (that seriously scared the shit out of me at several occasions!) accompanied by Ripley, a Stormtrooper, Bison from Street Fighter, a Rainbow 6 soldier and even Wheatley from Portal made an appearance again (saw him at Retrospelsmässan as well this year, lovely costume) ^_^
RetroGathering2014-cosplay5 RetroGathering2014-cosplay6 RetroGathering2014-cosplay1 RetroGathering2014-cosplay4 RetroGathering2014-cosplay3 RetroGathering2014-cosplay2 RetroGathering2014-alien-smooch

I’ll make another post soon with all my pickups from this weekend once I’ve got them sorted ;D Meanwhile I’m looking forward to what Retrospelsfestivalen has to offer next weekend!


16 thoughts on “Retrogathering 2014!

  1. Look at that! A Texas Instruments TI/99 4A and loaded with the game Parsec! That’s awesome.!!

    The TI/99 4A was my very fist video game system ever. Sure it was supposed to be a computer and that’s why Dad bought it for me. But for about 98% of the time I just played the games. And the games were pretty cool.

    Parsec that you have pictured above was one of the best. It’s a side scrolling shmup like R-Type (but much older!). You could shoot, adjust your ships speed and you had to refuel at certain points. There were a good variety of enemy ships that came at you in progressing waves. And that joystick!… one stick and one button; what else do you need?! :)

    I was at a Retro Video Gaming event recently too… but games are getting very expensive. I was there for 5 hours and I only bought one game. Zelda for the NES for $20.

    • I wish I stopped to try it out! I’ve never played on a Texas Instruments >_<

      So you started collecting NES now?? :D :D

      Indeed, games are getting more expensive.. a lot of the sellers are also trying to charge way more than the games are worth :/

      • Very slowly I’ve been buying SNES and NES games (for many years). There’s no denying that Nintendo has some awesome games and Zelda 1 and 2 are ones I never got to play but I want to very much :)
        I liked the TI/99 4A because the games were cartridge based and very easy to use. And the game were pretty cool too for the era.
        I’ve really slowed down on buying most games. Recently I’ve been buying a lot of Neo Geo MVS games from other collectors and I’ve done OK regarding price. I’m very close to giving up on ebay.

      • Haha I really don’t like Zelda ;D but then again, I’m not into RPG’s as we all know ;)
        Yeah eBay is ridiculous.. But I keep going there cause I don’t have any other options :( the other week I just spent a bit over 500 USD on one game o_O I think it’s one of my all time records! But I think it was worth it ;D

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