Pickups from SciFiWorld! Games & Star Wars crap :D

So here comes my pickups from yesterday’s Sci-Fi convention Sci-Fi World in Malmö :D I bought quite a few games for various systems, mainly Sega this time! But let’s start off with some odd stuff that I just felt compelled to get!! Like these Star Wars Bend-Ems figures from 1993 with bonus trading cards! The poses of these figures are ridiculous! :D Look at that Stormtrooper!! ^___^

Star Wars Chewbacca & Stormtrooper Star Wars Darth Vader & Yoda Star Wars Luke & Obi-Wan

Then there’s this awesome Samus Aran fuse bead lamp made by Pappas Pärlor ^_^  It looks great in my game room! I also got a pair of Game Boy earrings from him! Thank’s Johan! :D

Samus lamp 2 Game Boy earrings

This figure of Sepiroth was not possible to pass out on! So cheap, and so cool ^___^


I also got some stuff from Webhallen :) Mario, yoshi and toad PEZ dispensers, a Mega Man energy drink and a mushroom ^_^

Mario stuff

After this it was all games! :D Let’s start of with Sega! I got four Sega Master System games, Monopoly, Golfmania, Prince of Persia and G-Loc. Prince of Persia had such an awesome cover! He looks like a scared Luke Skywalker! :D

Then I also got G-Loc for the Sega Mega Drive, and Super Hang On, Normy’s Beach Babe-O-Rama and Mario Lemieux Hockey. Probably not the best games, but I didn’t previously have them, and my fiance only plays hockey for the Sega systems ;D And I got Strider II which I hope is as awesome as the first one! ^_^

I also got a Sega Mega CD game that had two games in one, on one side there’s Cobra Command and on the other side there’s Sol-Feace.

Sega Master System - Monopoly & Golfmania Sega Master System - Prince of Persia & G-Loc Sega Mega Drive - Strider II Sega Mega Drive G-Loc & Super Hang-On Sega Mega Drive Normy's Beach Babe-o-rama & Mario Lemieux Hockey Sega Mega CD Cobra Command Sega Mega CD Sol-Feace

Let’s move over to Nintendo. Here I got three NES games, R.C. Pro Am (which I was sure I had before, but I couldn’t find it in my list, so I guess I was wrong..), Mad Max (probably extremely shitty since games based on movies usually are ;D) and Defender of the Crown.

I also got three SNES games, first up was Kirby’s Ghost Trap. This one is interesting since I had never heard of it before, but in the morning before the convention I was at my friend’s house and she had it, I got curious since it looked just like puyo puyo so I needed it, then I looked it up on eBay and considered buying it, but didn’t. Then when I came to the convention I saw it again! So I bargained with the guy and got it! I’m super excited to try it out now! :D Then I also got Q-Bert 3 and Dragon’s Lair, I’m wondering whether it’s as hard as the NES version ;D

I found some cheap Super Famicom games as well, but they’re hardly worth mentioning ;D Soccer, Baseball and racing Z_Z boring..

NES RC Pro am NES Mad Max NES Defender of the CrownSNES Kirby's Ghost TrapSNES Q-Bert 3SNES Dragon's lairSFC games Super Leage Soccer & Pro Yakyu 3  SFC games Zero & F1 Grand Prix

That’s everything I got at the convention! I also popped by the GAME store afterwards, and got some more stuff ;D But I’ll make another post of that later ^_^

7 thoughts on “Pickups from SciFiWorld! Games & Star Wars crap :D

  1. I got pretty excited when I read “mainly Sega this time!” Then I laughed when I saw you just bought Golfmania… I just bought Golfmania yesterday at a local video games store. It’s a small world :) However, mine does not have the case hanging tab.
    It’s always nice to find a game you don’t yet have, isn’t it? :D

    I’ve never seen those Star Wars Bend-Ems figures before. Pretty neat. Keep them in that nice packaging!

    I love the Samus bead lamp. Very cool!

    • Hahaha yeah I didn’t say it was particularly “good” games ;D Just more Sega than Nintendo ^__^ I got any game I found that was reasonably priced and that I did not already have basically ^^ It sure is a small world! :D I’m sorry yours lacked the tab though, I know you like ’em pristine ;D
      The figures are hilarous! I kind of feel like opening them up just to see if they can re-pose, but the package is so nice and 20+ years old! So I kind of don’t want to as well.. :/
      The bead lamp looks awesome as is custom built ^_^ It lights up nicely in my game room! :D

      • The missing tab is no problem. It’s just a matter of time before I find a better case. Right now Golfmania is my only Master System game missing a tab. No big deal :P

  2. Nice haul! Strider 2 is hit or miss to some people. It’s not as good as the original, but you might like it. So, you collect odd Star Wars items, hmmmmm? That’s nice to know, as I just MAY be running a little random giveaway soon…

    • Yeah, most ppl said it sucked, but it’s always nice to create your own opinion ^_^
      Haha yeah sometimes, Star Wars is awesome ^^ Oooh! Giveaway! I’ll keep me eyes open for it ;D

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