Zoids Densetsu for Game Boy

I recently got Zoids Densetsu for the Game Boy. I didn’t think much of the few Zoids-games I’ve played for the Famicom, but this one got recommended to me, so I thought I’d give it a try ^_^


It’s amazing! A side-scrolling shooter where you play as various “Zoids” (giant robots), dodging blocks and vulcanos and killing enemies! The music is also extremely catchy! I spent quite a lot of time with it in the couch last night, and I managed to get past the first boss and make it to the third stage. The difficulty increases fast though, and I haven’t gotten past all those erupting volcanos on stage 3 yet >_< This is definitely a challenge I will re-visit and try to beat! :)

You can check out some of the gameplay that I recorded here:

This week I also got a few other games in the mail. They were all NES games, Challenge of the Dragon, Super Turrican, and two pirated games with 32 in 1 and 40 in 1 ^_^ Challenge of the Dragon was a really shitty game! But the box looks awesome ;D


9 thoughts on “Zoids Densetsu for Game Boy

  1. Zoids has a really nice logo! I like that retro feel!
    Challenge of a dragon sucks because it was a Challenge for the dragon who programmed it.
    And I love that multi game cartridge with “super wonderful Mario” :-D

  2. Well that´s how they get you. There´s so many games with awesome boxarts that just turns out to be shitty games.
    Zoids music were awesome! Does the music change during the game or is it just the regular track and the boss track?

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