Retro Gathering VCE – The Loot!

It has taken some time to sort, clean and photograph all of the 138 games I bought at Retro Gathering Vintage Computer Edition last weekend, but finally, here they are! :D I will go through them system by system ^_^

Retro Gathering VCE 2016 loot

Atari ST

The first thing I bought at the convention was an Atari 1040 ST, I already had one game for it back home, and it was in nice condition, and cheap, so I couldn’t refuse ^_^ I also picked up a few games for it. I have never played on an Atari ST before, so I’m looking forward to trying it out! :D If anyone has any suggestions of exclusive games for the system that are a must have, then please let me know :) So far I only have 5 games for it, the ones I found this weekend were Deathbringer, Gauntlet III, Future Dreams and Captive.

Atari Lynx

To continue on the Atari trail, I also found a few additions to my Atari Lynx collection from Spel & Sånt :D Not particularly exciting titles, but they were in pretty nice condition :) I do however enjoy the game of Shanghai, and it’s gonna be interesting to see what the Slime World port on Lynx looks like! :D

Atari 2600

I’m always on the lookout for Atari 2600 games as well, but this year there were hardly any :/ I found one guy who had like 5 cartridges, crappy games in shitty condition, but he still wanted a lot for them! I bargained a bit and bought one, just to come home with at least one 2600 game >_> I got Super-Ferrari…

Atari 2600 Super-Ferrari

Commodore 64 – 5 1/4 Floppy disk games

Moving on to Commodore, I’ve had a 5 1/4 floppy disk game for the C64 for a while, and nothing to play it on :( But this weekend I found a new in box Ocean floppy disk drive for the C64! :D It was a bit pricey.. but I really needed one since I also bought even more floppy disk games this weekend ^__^ I got the classic text-based adventures of Zork 1-3, and at the very end of the day I got a good deal on a pretty cool adventure game called Infidel. The cool thing about it is the packaging and contents! Inside are handwritten letters and maps and stuff, it’s really well made ^_^ I have a friend that I think will really enjoy trying this game out ;D Apart from that I had bought a whole moving box full of old Amiga and Commodore games from my friend Likilato beforehand and I picked it up on this weekend since he was going to Retro Gathering too :) In this package were quite a lot of C64 floppy disk games as well ^_^ Some games that I’m quite happy with are T2 Terminator Judgement Day, Robocop, Space Harrier II and Weird Dreams, they all look pretty cool ^_^ Then there were also a few less fun games, I’m not quite sure what Operation Market Garden is, but it doesn’t sound fun, and the last three: Europe Ablaze, Russia The Great War in the East and Halls of Montezuma I’m pretty sure are some kind of edutainment games for learning history >_<

Commodore 64 – Cassette games

I found a few cassette games for the C64 as well. I got Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker from Japon, and Slap Fight for the ZX Spectrum. Pontus from Japon also tried to sell Last Ninja 2 to me, fortunately I didn’t buy it!! Because inside the big cardboard box of things I had bought from Likilato earlier contained not one but TWO copies of that exact game XD I had bought the package weeks before and didn’t remember everything that was in it.. but I’m just happy I’m not possessing three copies right now at least ;D The other C64 cassette games from Likilato were Last Ninja 3, Superman the Game, Ghostbusters II, Mr. Heli, Platoon, Speedball, Silent Service, Starglider and The Hunt for Red October.

Commodore VIC 20

Going back in time a bit we have the Commodore VIC 20, I got one of these last year and I’m still trying to expand my library of games for the system. I found a few VIC 20 cassettes on Retro Gathering this time on Mikael Holm’s table (he always has the coolest stuff!) ^_^ I know there’s two copies of Panic for VIC 20, but I couldn’t choose which one to go for, since they are DIFFERENT! It’s weird, since they are released by the same company, but one has a black spine, and the cassettes inside are different colors as well! O_o These were all dirt cheap though so I just picked them all up :) Except the two games called Vicolumn and Blue Star, these two were new releases for the system and cost a bit more, but it’s always interesting to see what people develop now for these old systems! Doodle Bug, Space Scramble, Cosmiads and Alpha Blaster all sound cool!

Sinclair ZX Spectrum, ZX81

Before moving on to consoles we have pickups from yet another old computer ^_^ I bought a few games for the ZX Spectrum, Pssst, Jet Pac and Cookie had such cool matching covers! Had to get them :) Then I also got Jet Pac with a different cover and 3D Starstrike, Split personalities, Pedro, Ghosts n’ Goblins and a program that came with the system called Horizons. I also found a Sinzlair ZX Interface 2 so I can play cartridge games on my 48k :D Now I just need to find some cartridge games >_> I also bought a ZX81 :D I’ve only known about this one for a little while, when I was looking for 3D Monster Maze and found out that it only came out on the ZX81. Now I have one! So now I just need to find 3D Monster Maze again >_< I missed out on the one eBay auction I’ve ever seen… >_<

Nintendo NES (+ Game & Watch and FDS)

I bought some NTSC NES games from Gaminggrannar and from some other sellers. I also got a Game & Watch Lifeboat from Söders Spel & Skivhandel and a random Famicom Disk System game with cats from Sven666 and another FDS game from my friend MXS :)

Sega Mega Drive

From my friend Karl I got a good deal and bought the sought after Japanese Sega Mega Drive shmup V-V (V five), I also got to buy most of his other Japanese Mega Drive titles since he wanted to get rid of them, it was mostly RPGs or strategy games, but I got such a good price that I couldn’t pass them up ^_^ I also found some PAL Mega Drive titles from other sellers, mainly sports games XD which I don’t particularly enjoy, but they were cheap! And some day me and Becki will have to have another Golf tournament ;D

Sega Master System

I also got a lot of Sega Master System games from various sellers. Mainly sports here as well, but I didn’t have them, and they were cheap ^_^

Sega Saturn & Playstation 2

Japon also managed to convince to bring home these two huge boxed Sega Saturn Arcade Racer controllers XD One PAL and one Japanese.. they told me that the controller was region free, so I sure hope they will both work with one console ;D In that case I might have another game to use in the next Retro Rumble competition for the finals ;D I also got two PS2 games with Megaman at a fair price from Anders :) They’re sealed.. but I might open them so I can play them!! ^_^

Amiga 500 / 1200

Now onto the biggest category of the day… Amiga! The big lot of games I had bought from Likilato contained A LOT of Amiga games :) I was happy to find Banshee in there, since MXS had recently told me it was a good game, it’s for the 1200 though so I have to find a place to plug that system in as well.. They’re so big and space-consuming! Loom has a beautiful cover, and I’ve seen it before, not quite sure what kind of game it is though, but I will find out :) There were a lot of other games that looked cool like Harlequin, Codename Hellfire, Wonderland, Super Stardust, Galdregons Domain etc. It’s gonna be fun to try them all out :D I wonder what kind of game Leather Goddesses of Phobos will turn out to be XD

That was all the loot for this time, now I have some gaming to do ^____^

14 thoughts on “Retro Gathering VCE – The Loot!

  1. Lots of RPGs in that lot (some excellent ones, at that!). And on MAN, those MD games are awesome. Some rarities in there, too. Gauntlet IV is wonderful, so grab some friends and play it. Arcade mode is great, but the story mode has a killer ending. Herzog Zwei is still an awesome game if you get into it and Red Zone has some impressive visuals for the era (even if the gameplay is a bit loopy at times).


    • Damn.. and I try to stay away from those RPGs ;D Haha, but then again, I prefer not looking up what it is that I buy before hand, I like the surprise ^_^ I knew that most of the Mega Drive games were not my type of genre though.. but they were so cheap! O_o I just had to get them, just for the pretty covers ^_^
      I love Gauntlet though! And amazingly enough I didn’t previously have this one on Mega Drive :D
      Cool! Looking forward to trying out Red Zone! It didn’t look like much judging by the cover, but I gave it a chance… because it was cheap XD
      Isn’t Herzog Zwei a strategy game?

      • Herzog Zwei is AWESOME. It’s a fast-paced RTS that’s easy to get into and will get you wanting to never stop because it’s so addictive. Becki will beat you, you’ll beat her, you’ll both tell people about it and it may become a staple of your gaming sessions when you have people over.

  2. Captive is a popular RPG in the Dungeon Master style but with a sci-fi bent to it. Meant to be very good.

    Slime World on the Lynx is AWESOME! I think it was the original version of the game and really pushes the pulsating goo graphics a lot. If you have another Lynx with the game on it has some cool multiplayer gameplay. My brother and I played it a lot. :D

    • ooh.. RPG.. yeah.. well.. I have friends who enjoy them ^______^ Sci-fi is always cool though!
      Oh really! Cool! I had no idea ^_^ Usually you would think that the portable versions are ports of the popular games for the consoles..
      I have 2 lynx systems, but I will need to find myself another copy of the game ;D

  3. Hey Heidi, how’s it going?

    I added myself to your mailing list after coming across you and your awesome games room on the Metro website, apologies for not saying hi sooner! What really caught my eye just now on your latest instalment was Captive. I am a massive fan and am actually playing it at the moment (emulated PC version, but I do have the original on the Amiga). Have you played it before? What do you think?

    Growing up my Dad had the Atari 2600 woody and Amiga 500/1200 and I would naturally watch him play for hours because of the cool music and bright lights until I got old enough to understand what was actually going on and how to start playing them. I have had a lot of games consoles over the years from the jaguars to master systems, mega drives, ps series and xbox series. Part of me thinks now a days games are so in depth and over complicated, which is great when I have lots of free time and can lose myself in Skyrim or Fallout 4, but sometimes I don’t have a lot of time and just want to play something basic and less intense which is why I still play and love my old retro games.

    I’m sure you have lots of mail and comments coming your way, but if you are interested in chatting sometime you now have my email address. It would be great to hear from you. Take care.

    • Hey Lee!
      Cool! I haven’t tried Captive out yet, but I promise you, it will be the first one in the Amiga lot that I’ll get started on! ^_^ so far I’ve only gone through some portables and the C64 floppy games! Loading times takes up half the evenings ;D hahaha
      I completely agree with you, I unfortunately don’t have the time to immerse myself into skyrim or games like that.. that’s why I prefer retro games, they’re easier to pick up and put down again ^^
      You can find my email under the “About me” page as well, feel free to send me an email if you have something on your mind ^_^
      Take care!

  4. A Sinclair ZX Spectrum… just when I think I know of all the systems or PCs you could play games, and I’ve never heard of this one. Of course, all the other systems you listed I have heard of.

    …This probably suggests that I’m way too old now…

    • It’s really a brilliant little thing the ZX Spectrum, and the graphics really stand out!! Go search google images for “ZX Spectrum screenshot” and you’ll see for yourself! I love the colour scheme ^_^

  5. Aloha Blaster? :) I think you misread that one, it should say Alpha Blaster which makes more sense but isn’t quite as cute.

  6. What a huge haul of games!
    I would love to find myself a copy of VV for the Mega Drive some day.
    I have a buddy who assures me that you can play Ragnacenty without knowing Japanese (and you even know some!). It’s like Zelda for the SNES. Maybe that’s too RPG for you? :P
    Herzog Zwei is a 10/10 in my books. Good graphics, AMAZING music, intense real time action which requires some real thought and strategy. It even supports really good two player head-to-head gameplay. You do not need to know Japanese to play this game. You will be able to pick it up with a bit of time.

    • Hehe yup ^_^
      Yeah, I’ve heard of it, wasn’t sure if it was worth the price though, but you know me, when something is sought after I just WANT IT SO I CAN PLAY IT!!!! XD
      I actually already had a loose cartridge of Ragnacenty, but I got this complete one for $8 canadian :) Still, I really don’t like RPGs.. even Zelda/Snes type of RPGs..
      Cool, but isn’t Herzog Zwei a strategy game? I wonder what I will think of it.. I’ll get back to you once I’ve tried it! :) Perhaps Becki would like to play it with me, she loves strategy ;D And she’ll probably kick my ass in it o_O

      • Herzog Zwei does require some strategy but it’s all action. Even when you stop to buy a unit you’ll do it really fast because all the enemy troops (and your own troops) don’t pause. They keep on doing whatever they are doing. It is a very fast paced game. I love it. I should make a top 10 Sega Mega Drive list. I think Herzog Zwei would make it.

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