RSM loot part II – Pong consoles & VIC-20!

So here’s the second part of my loot from RSM (Retrospelsmässan)! As I stated in my previous post my entire haul was 6 systems and 60 games. Apart from my 2 Atari Lynx consoles I also got a Commodore Vic 20! I’ve never heard of this old computer before, at first sight I thought it was the Commodore 64, the edition that had brown keys, but after having hastily bought it someone told me later on that day that it was in fact an earlier Commodore system which did not play C64 games o_O It’s super pretty and complete with all cables and a cassette drive, I don’t have any games for it though :( :( So trying it out will have to wait…


I also found a boxed Palladium Tele-Match console. This is an old Pong clone from Germany. It was just so charming and cheap! So I couldn’t pass it up ;D Unfortunately it didn’t have a power cable so I haven’t been able to try it out yet..


I also got another boxed old pong clone, this one is called Mark Color. The system is almost completely minty inside the box, with styrofoam inlays and everything ^_^ I really like the design of this old system ^_^ I also got two games with it, it appears that the game cartridges contain several games that you can choose from on the system. Unfortunately this one lacked a power cable as well so I haven’t tried out either… (click the images to enlarge)

And of course I found yet another Pong console clone (I think I’ve gone a bit nuts about Pong machines since I lost the competition at Retro Gathering last year ;D Need some practice!). This one is called TriStar TV Game – Programmable, and I think it’s super pretty ^__^ This one also has cartridges which seem to contain several different games, but no power cord >_< so I will have to wait to try this one out too.. :(

TriStar TV-Game Programmable

I find these old systems really charming :) What I really would want is that orginal Pong console though, like the hockey pong from RSM but brown or black ^_^

I’ll start working on my last post about my RSM loot now! This one will cover all the various games I picked up ^__^


11 thoughts on “RSM loot part II – Pong consoles & VIC-20!

  1. Riktigt kul läsning!
    Tycker oxå Pong maskinerna är så charmiga, gillar verkligen handkontrollerna som sitter fast i konsolen :)
    Vi har en i butiken som jag e lite sugen på..

  2. The VIC 20 was my first home micro back in the early 80’s. I no longer have it but the one you found is in excellent condition. It was a nice little machine but it was nowhere near as popular as the C64 and ZX Spectrum that followed it.

      • I remember there was a good version of Jetpac for the VIC, that was pretty good. There were also some good cartridge based adventure games whose names escape me. Adventureland and Pirates Cove ring a bell though. If you use Facebook, there are a few closed groups that I’m a member of, they sell and trade all sorts of games and systems. Do a search for “Commodore for sale” and “Retro for sale”, there’s always someone selling VIC stuff.
        If I remember anymore names I will let you know.

      • De amerikanska cartridgespelen är i regel överlägsna de europeiska spelen som mestadels såldes på kassettband. USA-spelen liknar Atari 2600 och Intellivision. De europeiska (mest engelska men finns även t.ex. svenska) liknar mer spel från sena 70-talets persondatorer som PET och ABC 80.

        Commodores egna Jelly Monsters är en fantastisk version av Pac-Man (liksom alla de andra av Commodores första Vic-spel är det gjort av japanska HAL och Satoru Iwata).

        Atarisoft gjorde en hel del bra portar: Dig Dug och Donkey Kong t.ex. Och HES’s Pharaoh’s Curse är ovanligt komplext och fartfyllt för att vara till Vic. Alla spel av Tom Griner: Choplifter och Shamus t.ex. tillhör också absoluta toppskiktet

        Jetpac av Ultimate (blev senare Rare) som nämndes här är ett av de absolut bästa av de europeiska spelen. Jeff Minter gjorde också många små mästerverk – Matrix och Hellgate t.ex.

        Finns också en hel del nygjorda spel. Nintendo’s Popey och Activisions Pitfall är två väldigt välgjorde portar, men de finns inte att köpa så man får spela dem på emulator eller ladda ner och föra över till disk eller minneekort om man vill spela på originalmaskinen.

  3. It wont be long now before you are the Pong champion!! :D
    I’ve never heard of most of these systems! I think the Vic-20 is the only name I know.

    • haha you think? Those guys at the competition have been playing it steady since it came out! ;D lol
      with some luck though you never know ;D
      I’ve never heard of them either! Not even the VIC-20! haha ^_^ they were pretty though ^_^

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