Castlevania games I didn’t know existed!

I just bought some Castlevania games I didn’t previously have. Another Castlevania collector were selling off a lot of his collection on Facebook and I managed to snag a few of them :) Since I have recently acquired an MSX I thought it was time to get Castlevania for it, even though it was a bit overpriced.. It was still sealed though, but I’m gonna have to open it up, because I want to play it!! XD I’m not sure if my MSX is an MSX 2 or not though.. I hope it is so I can play it >_<

There were two other games he was selling that I had never seen before, probably because one was a pirated game and the other one was a hack. They still looked pretty cool and weren’t too expensive so I picked them up as well :) One is a russian pirate of the Sega Mega Drive game Castlevania the New Generation, and the other one is a hack of Castlevania Dracula X called  Castlevania Dracula X Evil Trevor, starring Trevor Belmont. This last one is also sealed, but I’m just gonna have to open it up to see what it’s like XD

I also picked up two copies of Lament of Innocence on PS2, because the one I had is a PAL version and these were NTSC and NTSC-J, with completely different cover art than the PAL game :) I don’t usually buy the same game just for various regions, but since it was Castlevania and these two were really cheap I couldn’t pass them up XD

I also bought a Japanese Symphony of the Night, or Akumajou Dracula X Gekka no Yasoukyoku as it’s called in Japan ^_^

And the final new addition to my Castlevania Collection was a Soundtrack CD with music from the first three NES games, it’s called “Akumajou Dracula Famicom Best” :)

The guy selling these games also had Castlevania for Sharp X68000 for sale, it was extremely expensive though, and I don’t have the system to play it on.. so it didn’t feel worth it..

I’m happy with these new additions to my collection :) I haven’t bought any new Castlevania games in a while. I’ve updated my collection page with these new ones already though ^_^ Check out my entire Castlevania Collection here >>

10 thoughts on “Castlevania games I didn’t know existed!

  1. Wow! You have got a lot of Castlevania games! And they are soooo hard! Have you beaten any of the ones that don’t support saving? I have not!
    The graphics on the MSX version look pretty good. Give us your impression of it compared to the NES when you’ve had a chance to try it out.

    • I’ve beaten the first one on NES many many years ago ^_^ Apart from that I’ve beaten many of the portable ones, they do have saves though, or password systems.
      I will as soon as I get it running :D I sure hope it will work on my MSX >.<

      • That is outstanding! Beating the NES Castlevania is no small feat! :)

        I really enjoy the Gameboy Advanced versions. I think that’s the first time the term ‘Metrovania’ was used as a label for that style of gameplay.

        You picked a really good game franchise to have a special focus on.
        And I’m pretty jealous of your Sega Mega Drive Vampire Killer!

      • Haha thanks ^_^ It was a really long time ago though, when I had more patience and time ;D
        I think the first “Metroidvania” game was Symphony of the Night on Playstation or? But yeah, all the GBA versions are similar :) Those are some of my favorites too :) Especially Aria of Sorrow. I also really love the Game Boy Legends game ^_^ That one was difficult to beat, but I did it! :D Final boss is crazy hard..
        Oh the russian pirate? XD You do have the original on SMD right?
        It is a really good franchise ^_^ But now I have even more Tetris games than I have Castlevania games XD

  2. Ah it’s a pirate! I completely over looked that it said Castlevania instead of Vampire Killer. It’s the artwork that I noticed. Well, now I do feel a bit better that you don’t have ALL the good stuff :P I also do not have Vampire Killers for the SMD.

    Looking close I can see now:

    Some games are just too expensive to own…

    • Haha thanks ^_^ Oooh! I already have Chronicles :D Didn’t know that was the same version :) I will probably end up getting the original eventually as well though, but meanwhile that’s awesome, I can play it! :D

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