Castlevania games I didn’t know existed!

I just bought some Castlevania games I didn’t previously have. Another Castlevania collector were selling off a lot of his collection on Facebook and I managed to snag a few of them :) Since I have recently acquired an MSX I thought it was time to get Castlevania for it, even though it was a bit overpriced.. It was still sealed though, but I’m gonna have to open it up, because I want to play it!! XD I’m not sure if my MSX is an MSX 2 or not though.. I hope it is so I can play it >_<

There were two other games he was selling that I had never seen before, probably because one was a pirated game and the other one was a hack. They still looked pretty cool and weren’t too expensive so I picked them up as well :) One is a russian pirate of the Sega Mega Drive game Castlevania the New Generation, and the other one is a hack of Castlevania Dracula X called  Castlevania Dracula X Evil Trevor, starring Trevor Belmont. This last one is also sealed, but I’m just gonna have to open it up to see what it’s like XD

I also picked up two copies of Lament of Innocence on PS2, because the one I had is a PAL version and these were NTSC and NTSC-J, with completely different cover art than the PAL game :) I don’t usually buy the same game just for various regions, but since it was Castlevania and these two were really cheap I couldn’t pass them up XD

I also bought a Japanese Symphony of the Night, or Akumajou Dracula X Gekka no Yasoukyoku as it’s called in Japan ^_^

And the final new addition to my Castlevania Collection was a Soundtrack CD with music from the first three NES games, it’s called “Akumajou Dracula Famicom Best” :)

The guy selling these games also had Castlevania for Sharp X68000 for sale, it was extremely expensive though, and I don’t have the system to play it on.. so it didn’t feel worth it..

I’m happy with these new additions to my collection :) I haven’t bought any new Castlevania games in a while. I’ve updated my collection page with these new ones already though ^_^ Check out my entire Castlevania Collection here >>

I heart Castlevania!!

Hooray for today! For today I got a special lot of games from the internetz ^___^ One of my favourite game series of all time is Castlevania, and today I received three games from the series that I have not previously owned or even tried!! This is sooo exciting! =D Following is the pictures I took of the games, you can click them if you wanna see them bigger ^^

The first one is Castlevania Legends for Gameboy, complete in great condition!

The second one was Castlevania III Dracula’s Curse for NES! Which now gives me a complete collection of the NES Castlevania games ^_^ Also complete, in pretty good shape (for its age) except the stupid price sticker on TOP of the Original Nintendo Seal >_<

The third one was Castlevania the New Generation for Sega Mega Drive!! Exciting!!! =D This too complete and in really awesome condition, except for a small sticker on the game cartridge but I think it’s removable =)

So tonight I will be absorbed in the mystical fantasy world of Castlevania, slaying Dracula and what not, and tomorrow evening you’ll get to see my reviews of these most likely awesome games! My hopes are high!