1 year anniversary for Retro Video Gaming! :D

2 days ago it was 1 year since I started my site retro-video-gaming.com! I can’t believe a year has gone by so fast!
I would like to thank all my followers and friends that has stuck with me this whole year, and I am happy to have met so many nice retro gaming friends and collectors all around the world! I will continue to spread my love for Retro Gaming on my site for many more years to come ^_^



In celebration of Retro-Video-Gaming’s anniversary I will have a little contest! The contest will be up for 1 week and there will be a winner who will get a secret prize! :D

The question that need to be answered is:

How many Famicom Disk System games do I have?

Famicom Disk System Contest

Everybody gets 1 guess, and the closest answer will win the prize! :D

You can compete by either leaving  your guess in the comments here, or on my twitter, tumblr, facebook or instagram! Still you can only have one guess no matter where you leave your answer! ;D

retro video gaming 1up

EDIT: I am now ending the competition and announcing a winner! TheSegaDude was the closest at 44, the correct answer is that I have 45 Famicom Disk System games ^_^ I would like to give a big thanks to everybody who joined the contest! I will announce what the secret prize is as soon as it has arrived to TheSegaDude (because I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise) ;D
famicom disks