Game & Watch and Game Boy Color!

I went to Gothenburg this last weekend to visit some friends of mine, and I received a belated birthday gift from a dear friend of mine <3 Something I’ve been looking for for quite some time now actually! A Game & Watch! Donkey Kong II!

Except for some scratches on the top and a little orange sticker on the bottom it’s in quite good condition ^_^

It’s Multi Screen and super pretty! I used to have an old orange one, the first Donkey Kong for Game & Watch, it was my brothers, but it disappeared :(

Now I just need to go find some batteries so I can play it :D

And if this wasn’t enough I also got a Game Boy Color brand new in original box :D

This is actually the only Game Boy console I didn’t previously own (except for the 3DS, which I will get eventually). I thought about buying a Game Boy Color several times, but never did, cause I could always play those games on the GBA. So now I’m really happy to finally have one in my collection :D

It’s the Scandinavian release :D