Game & Watch and Game Boy Color!

I went to Gothenburg this last weekend to visit some friends of mine, and I received a belated birthday gift from a dear friend of mine <3 Something I’ve been looking for for quite some time now actually! A Game & Watch! Donkey Kong II!

Except for some scratches on the top and a little orange sticker on the bottom it’s in quite good condition ^_^

It’s Multi Screen and super pretty! I used to have an old orange one, the first Donkey Kong for Game & Watch, it was my brothers, but it disappeared :(

Now I just need to go find some batteries so I can play it :D

And if this wasn’t enough I also got a Game Boy Color brand new in original box :D

This is actually the only Game Boy console I didn’t previously own (except for the 3DS, which I will get eventually). I thought about buying a Game Boy Color several times, but never did, cause I could always play those games on the GBA. So now I’m really happy to finally have one in my collection :D

It’s the Scandinavian release :D

18 thoughts on “Game & Watch and Game Boy Color!

  1. It’s so cool how the game and watch looks just like the ds, that’s obviously where they got their inspiration :D I have the game and watch games on the gameboy and the gameboy advance but I’ve never actually played a real one.

      • I have Donkey Kong country 1,2 and 3 for the GBA, that should be the same game right? I love collecting and I would love to have like complete collections for each console, but I don’t really find it necessary to buy the same game for different platforms if I already have it, unless there is a significant difference in it experience wise.. ^^
        Never really gotten into the Zelda games.. I just couldn’t finish the first one, which pissed me off, so I have sort of boycotted the rest of them as well haha ^_^ is the “oracle” games rpgs or platformers mainly?

  2. I remember those Game & Watch devices. I never knew what they were called. That’s a seriously good gift! It must be very old and it’s in excellent shape. Is there a year printed on it?
    I also never had a game boy color (still don’t). Still have my DS Lite and maybe 30 boxes games! :P
    Your new boxed GB Color is also an awesome score. It must be very hard to find them so pristine!
    I use to think I added a lot of new games to my collection frequently but your pace is fast and furious! :)

    • Yes! On the back it says 1983, and made in Japan ^_^
      My friend who gave it to me used to work as the boss for club nintendo in Sweden, so he has quite a lot of pristine stuff in his own collection ^_^ He also gave me a brand new Zelda for the SNES once! :D
      haha I know, it’s not good for my economy, but it’s so ADDICTIVE!!!! >_<

  3. I sold my sister’s G&W, same model, a few years ago. I had Zelda. Thought I’d throw them away at first.
    I like my GBC consoles. Most people prefer GBAs, but I think they are a bit uncomfortable.
    I would say there are maybe 20 good games for GBC. I recently completed Bomberman Max , and that was quite alright.
    Keep on buying ;) I have bills to pay ;)

  4. The orange stickers originally came with the game & watch with a note saying “Place this seal over battery cover to prevent babies from removing and eating battery”.

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