Cleaning your NES cartridges = no more glitchy gaming!

This week I’ve been busy learning how to thoroughly clean my old NES games, and after learning and experimenting I’ve been busy thoroughly cleaning all my NES games.. I’ve only gone through one out of the 7 boxes so far >_<

Here’s some advice for those of you who still are in possession of your old Nintendo Entertainment System and wish to re-visit you old games without having to huff ‘n’puff and jiggle your way to being able to play!

  • First of all you have to purchase a special NES cartridge screw-thingy, these can be bought online and really cheap. I got mine from a Swedish site called nesconnector for only 69 SEK (approximately 10 USD). This is needed to open the special screws on the back of your cartridge.
  • Open up the back lid of the cartridge, and lift up the circuit board carefully, avoid touching the surfaces and hold it steadily by gripping the sides.
  • Here is where it got tricky for me, I watched a video on youtube where they used some polish cream by an american brand to clean the connectors, but I couldn’t translate that into a corresponding Swedish product. However, after talking to three different stores in my hometown, the jewelry store finally suggested a polishing cloth since it’s a dry way of polishing without getting water on the circuit board. The polishing cloth is impregnated with some kind of gold polish, but nothing that hurts the connectors. Now rub both sides of the golden connectors on the bottom of the circuit board (try avoiding touching other things on it) and rub until there’s no more black coming off on the cloth.
  • After this you insert the circuit board in the same place you removed it from, and close of the cartridge and screw it back together. Easy peasy! =D I’ve even gotten a few games to work that previously didn’t! ^_^

Now go have yourself a nostalgic trip and play some Super Mario! ^_^