All my boxed Super Famicom Games!

This has kept me busy the last couple of weeks. Scanning, cropping, and uploading all my boxed Super Famicom games! But now it’s done, check out the Super Famicom Library for information and big pretty images of all my SFC games ^_^ There pictures of both back and front on all of them :) I have quite a lot of unboxed games as well.. but those turn out shitty when I try to scan them so I’ll just leave that for now…

Here are some thumbnails of some of the games I really enjoy ^_^
SFC -Alcahest_     SFC -Assault Suits Valken_     SFC -Axelay_

SFC -Battle Cross_     SFC -Chatting Parodius Jikyou oshaber     SFC -Castlevania Dracula XX (Vampire's Kiss) JP_

SFC -Contra Spirits_     SFC -Darius Twin_     SFC -Demon's Blazon_

SFC -Go Go Ackman 2_     SFC -Gunforce_     SFC -Hello! Pacman_

SFC -Kouryou no Mimi_     SFC -Libble Rabble_     SFC -Magic Sword_

SFC -Magical Drop_     SFC -Pac-in-Time_     SFC -Panel de Pon_

SFC -Parodius_      SFC -Pop'n Twinbee_     SFC -Rockman X_

SFC -Rockman X3_     SFC -Super Aleste_     SFC -Super Puyo Puyo 2 Remix_

SFC -Super Puyo Puyo_     SFC -Super Star Wars_     SFC -Sword Maniac_

SFC -Takahashi Meijin no Bōken Tō_     SFC -Tsuyoshi Shikkari Shinasai_     SFC -UFO_

SFC -VS. Collection_     SFC -Zig Zag Cat_

SFC -Hamelin Violinn HIki (Violinist of Hamelin)     SFC -Castlevania 4_

SFC -Sanrio Club Smash Ball_     SFC -Gradius III_

Don’t forget to check out all my SFC games on my new Super Famicom Library page! :)