All my boxed Super Famicom Games!

This has kept me busy the last couple of weeks. Scanning, cropping, and uploading all my boxed Super Famicom games! But now it’s done, check out the Super Famicom Library for information and big pretty images of all my SFC games ^_^ There pictures of both back and front on all of them :) I have quite a lot of unboxed games as well.. but those turn out shitty when I try to scan them so I’ll just leave that for now…

Here are some thumbnails of some of the games I really enjoy ^_^
SFC -Alcahest_     SFC -Assault Suits Valken_     SFC -Axelay_

SFC -Battle Cross_     SFC -Chatting Parodius Jikyou oshaber     SFC -Castlevania Dracula XX (Vampire's Kiss) JP_

SFC -Contra Spirits_     SFC -Darius Twin_     SFC -Demon's Blazon_

SFC -Go Go Ackman 2_     SFC -Gunforce_     SFC -Hello! Pacman_

SFC -Kouryou no Mimi_     SFC -Libble Rabble_     SFC -Magic Sword_

SFC -Magical Drop_     SFC -Pac-in-Time_     SFC -Panel de Pon_

SFC -Parodius_      SFC -Pop'n Twinbee_     SFC -Rockman X_

SFC -Rockman X3_     SFC -Super Aleste_     SFC -Super Puyo Puyo 2 Remix_

SFC -Super Puyo Puyo_     SFC -Super Star Wars_     SFC -Sword Maniac_

SFC -Takahashi Meijin no Bōken Tō_     SFC -Tsuyoshi Shikkari Shinasai_     SFC -UFO_

SFC -VS. Collection_     SFC -Zig Zag Cat_

SFC -Hamelin Violinn HIki (Violinist of Hamelin)     SFC -Castlevania 4_

SFC -Sanrio Club Smash Ball_     SFC -Gradius III_

Don’t forget to check out all my SFC games on my new Super Famicom Library page! :)

21 thoughts on “All my boxed Super Famicom Games!

  1. NICE. Heh – we have the same tastes (again) it would seem. And aha! There are some RPGs in there, too! Well, OK… Alcahest is an action game with RPG elements, but I’m pleased to see you own that one. Say, do you own Zoku: The Legend of Bishin yet? That’s a stupidly weird game that mixes Mode-7 racing and side-scrolling beat ’em up. It’s kind of like a crazy mix of arcade racing and Final Fight…

    • Cool, never heard of that one, but I’ll look it up ^_^
      And yeah, Alcahest was enough fast-paced action for me not to care about the RPG elements, then again I only tried it out briefly so far ;D

  2. Boxed games really do look awesome. You have some seriously great titles there too; like Dracula, Castlevania, Contra, Puyo Puyo and Rock Man!
    The condition of these boxes look really really good. Where do you find most of them?

    • I buy mostly from eBay or the swedish equivalent Tradera. Recently I tried Solaris as I wrote on your site, but I still haven’t received that package >_<
      I love the japanese SFC games since the boxes are ALWAYS in nicer condition the American or European SNES.. we just don't take care of our stuff the same way…

  3. Heidi, you have one of the most amazing classic game collections I’ve ever seen. I have a pretty good NES library, but less than 100 games total. Got some SNES, N64, Turbo Graphx, GC and Wii as well, along with a few PS1/PS2 titles. But nothing compared to what you’ve got going on. In all seriousness, your collection is reaching AVGN levels of epicness.

    Kudos, and keep on rockin’ in the free world!

    • Thank you!! <3 wow, I'm really flattered that you are comparing me to AVGN, he's my idol ;D
      You keep up the good work too! You write so much great stuff on your blog :) Keep that collection growing! :D

    • I love assault suits valken! :D It’s awesome ^_^ It was actually the first game I bought for the Super Famicom, and I had for almost two years before I even bought a Super Famicom console! So I wasn’t able to play it for the first 2 years owning it, now that I know how good it is I wish I would have gotten the SFC way earlier! It’s got an impressive library of great games that were only released in japan! ^^

      • Ha! Now that’s dedication to a game ;) If, like me, you don’t speak Japanese there’s a brilliant fan translation available for Valken, much better than the censored western release.

      • I’ve studied some Japanese, but I’m far from fluent. I don’t really play translations though, since I prefer playing games on the old cassettes in the original consoles ;D But thanks for the advice though! ^_^
        I didn’t know there was a western release of this game.. does it go under the same name?

      • Cybernator was the US name for this. It’s a sequel of sorts to Valken on the Mega Drive (which was called Target Earth here). There;s a PlayStation One game called Assault Suits Valken 2, also by Masaya… but it’s a turn-based strategy game!

      • Yes as GW mentioned the Western release was called Cybernator, however the Mega Drive game was called Assault Suits Leynos in Japan. There is a true sequel to Leynos on the Saturn called Assault Suits Leynos 2 – Japanese release only.

        I have to agree that I prefer games in their original format on the original machines! However there are some amazing games including many RPG’s which never made it out of Japan and some of the fan translations are very good. I’m thinking about getting an Everdrive cartridge so I can still play them on the proper hardware…

      • What’s an everdrive?
        Well RPG’s are about the only genre I don’t really care for, it’s not enough action and I don’t have the patience to go through too long games ;)

      • Thanks! And hey- my goal (well ONE of them) is to get you to play ONE of those RPGs at some point. Fortunately, other people seem to have the same idea:

        We’ll get you. Soon enough… I need to get in on this myself, as I’ve started a few dozen games over the years and haven’t completed them all…

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