Pac Land?!

I still haven’t had the time to go through the Sega Saturn lot, I’ll see if I can do that tomorrow evening.

Tonight my boyfriend agreed to play some Nintendo Famicom with me =) We played some Super Chinese, Xevious, Twin Bee, Road Fighter, Door Door and Pac-Land! I bought a bunch of Famicom games quite recently, and Pac-Land was one of them. I figured it was a similar game to the regular Pac-Man. But no…

Pac-Land (パックランド) is a side scrolling platformer. You are Pac-Man (I assume… with a hat) and the ghosts are there, except they fly airplanes and drop down tiny ghosts on you (kind of like the tiny Goombas that the flying Goombas are dropping in SMB3). There are also cherries to collect, and a tiny Pac-Man head that make the ghosts blink. So far so good…

The weirdest thing about this game is the controls… To walk forward you press A, and to walk left you press B. Why not just use the d-pad for this? No, instead, pressing right left up or down on the D-pad makes Pac-Man with a hat jump. This is just fucked up..

The graphics of the game was pretty dull and simple. Not very much details and the colouring was bad.. Just look at these mountains:

Or the houses with blue windows, AND blue doors:

And at the end of each stage there’s BREAK TIME.. the stages last barely a minute, but I guess the programmers thought people might be sick of this shit after less than a minute, so let’s give them a break from it!

Nice trees…

Well, that’s it for Pac-Land. A bit of a disappointment, since I actually like Pac-Man, which this is NOT.

Today I gave this game another shot, just to see if it got any better. Well, after the third stage you don’t get to “Break Time” anymore, instead it’s.. Fairy land?!?

And on stage 4, you get stuck in limbo… it looks like you are back on stage 3 except that you are walking it backwards because you can’t move any further to the right. So I tried going back, but there’s a giant gap. A cherry appears in the pit and I jumped to grab it and I fell to my death. So on the last life I made a leap of faith into the pit to see if I could reach the other side, but I wasn’t even close. So that’s it for this game. Three levels, get to Fairy Land and then there’s no turning back… >_<

Btw, sorry for the crappy quality of my pics and videos, I had to use my ipod touch since my iphone’s memory was full, and I’m working on getting a recording device for my TV so the videos will kick-ass soon! =D

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