I heart Castlevania!!

Hooray for today! For today I got a special lot of games from the internetz ^___^ One of my favourite game series of all time is Castlevania, and today I received three games from the series that I have not previously owned or even tried!! This is sooo exciting! =D Following is the pictures I took of the games, you can click them if you wanna see them bigger ^^

The first one is Castlevania Legends for Gameboy, complete in great condition!

The second one was Castlevania III Dracula’s Curse for NES! Which now gives me a complete collection of the NES Castlevania games ^_^ Also complete, in pretty good shape (for its age) except the stupid price sticker on TOP of the Original Nintendo Seal >_<

The third one was Castlevania the New Generation for Sega Mega Drive!! Exciting!!! =D This too complete and in really awesome condition, except for a small sticker on the game cartridge but I think it’s removable =)

So tonight I will be absorbed in the mystical fantasy world of Castlevania, slaying Dracula and what not, and tomorrow evening you’ll get to see my reviews of these most likely awesome games! My hopes are high!

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