PC Engine collection

Now I’ve finished a page on my PC Engine collection! So far I only have 53 games for the system, but it’s been growing fast ^_^ So I’ll keep updating the collection!
Some of my favorite games that I have for the PC Engine so far are:

Castlevania Rondo of Blood
This one mainly because it is a great addition to my Castlevania Collection, I haven’t been able to try it out yet since I don’t have the CD addition to the PC Engine or the DUO. >_< But I’ll hopefully have one soon!

Adventure Island
A really fun action platform adventure!

Final Soldier
A great vertical shooter!

This game I beat a few weeks ago, and it’s got some great music and the gameplay is really fun and different for a Batman game! :D

Dragon Saber
Great vertical shooter where you play as a dragon, it’s the sequel to Dragon Spirit which is also awesome ^_^

Genpei Toumaden
This game is both an overhead platformer and a sidescrolling platformer in 2 different sizes. It’s really challenging but also really fun!

Jinmu Denshou
This game is a lot like Space Harrier in the way you’re flying into the screen, but instead of shooting you have a sword to hit enemies with. Quite interesting, but also hard.

Makyou Densetsu (The Legendary Axe)
A fun action platformer! With awesome music! :D

Just soooooo much better than the Famicom version!!!

And I have loads more great games for the PC Engine, like R-Type, Rastan Saga II, Sokoban World, Space Harrier, Super Star Soldier, Tiger Road…

Check out my PC Engine Collection >>

Retro gaming store in Japan

So today I took another trip to the Super Potato store in Akihabara. This time I spent hours just looking through all the retro gaming goodness they had to offer ^_^ And on the way to the store I took the opportunity to drop by a couple of arcades, like this one:

So here’s a couple of things you could find in the Super Potato store:

Famicom games, 4 shelves (only 2 are in the picture) all organized in alphabetical order.

On the opposite side just as many shelves with Famicom games in original boxes, all in really nice condition.

Super Famicom games, also 4 shelves in alphabetical order.

Super Famicom games in boxes, super nice condition.

Game Boy games! They also had shelves filled with boxed ones, and lots of GBC and GBA games too ^^

Lots and lots of Game & Watch!! ^_^

Nintendo 64’s that looked like new, came with controllers and all cables for like 2000 Yen (about 170 SEK, or 25 USD) o_O

On the first floor they also had a bunch of Sega, everything from 8bit to Dreamcast ^^

On the second floor they had all the PS1, PS2, comics, literature such as walkthroughs and guides, all soundtracks to games and lots more ^^

I really wanted to buy this Super Metroid book, but I had already picked up sooo many games that I had to stop myself somewhere :/

And of course they had all the machines where you can get little game related thingys like straps and keychains, I got some Mario stuff there ^^

On the third floor they had an arcade, and no regular arcade, they only had old games, 8bit and 16bit, like Pacman, Pac-Land, Donkey Kong, Final Fight, Splatterhouse, Ghost n Goblins, Street Fighter, Metal Slug, Space Shooters and lots lots more. I stayed there for a while and tried out most of the games, a japanese guy wanted to play Final Fight with me and we got quite far. It was a lot harder than on the console version O_o They also had this really cool chair made out of Famicom cartridges glued together! I sure hope those games weren’t in working order, otherwise it would be a waste :(

Also Pac-Land was a lot different from the Famicom version which I have previously reviewed here and re-visited here.

Here’s some pictures of the different arcade machines, especially Pac-Land ^^

Ghosts n’ Goblins

XX Mission

Final Fight

Final Fight Game Over :(


Pac Land Re-visited

Somebody told me that Pac-Land had been an original arcade, preceding even Super Mario and being one of the first side scrolling platform games made. This got me curious, so I went on wikipedia and gained knew knowledge about the game, the story and ALSO the gameplay!

Apparently when you reach the end of stage 3 (Fairy-Land) you have a fairy in your hat which Pac-Man gives to the Fairy Queen and receives Magic Boots in return that can make him jump repeatedly.. this is definitely NOT obvious in the game, there isn’t even a slight animation of anything out of the ordinary happening. Therefore I never made it any further than stage 4, where there’s immediately a giant gap I couldn’t get passed.

Now being able to jump more than once changes everything, I beat that stage in the first try! But then there’s more stages with the same objective, reach Fairy Land, get boots, go back, but they have a higher difficulty level.. so I got stuck on stage 5, where you have once again the ability to only jump ones and there’s a gap that just cannot be crossed.. I give up and this is officially an annoying, frustrating and therefore SHITTY game >_<

Here’s a video of how you get passed the first gap at least, and you get a glimpse of stage 5 ;D It’s also in better quality recording than the last Pac-Land video, but the graphics of the game still suck!! Enjoy!

Pac Land?!

I still haven’t had the time to go through the Sega Saturn lot, I’ll see if I can do that tomorrow evening.

Tonight my boyfriend agreed to play some Nintendo Famicom with me =) We played some Super Chinese, Xevious, Twin Bee, Road Fighter, Door Door and Pac-Land! I bought a bunch of Famicom games quite recently, and Pac-Land was one of them. I figured it was a similar game to the regular Pac-Man. But no…

Pac-Land (パックランド) is a side scrolling platformer. You are Pac-Man (I assume… with a hat) and the ghosts are there, except they fly airplanes and drop down tiny ghosts on you (kind of like the tiny Goombas that the flying Goombas are dropping in SMB3). There are also cherries to collect, and a tiny Pac-Man head that make the ghosts blink. So far so good…

The weirdest thing about this game is the controls… To walk forward you press A, and to walk left you press B. Why not just use the d-pad for this? No, instead, pressing right left up or down on the D-pad makes Pac-Man with a hat jump. This is just fucked up..

The graphics of the game was pretty dull and simple. Not very much details and the colouring was bad.. Just look at these mountains:

Or the houses with blue windows, AND blue doors:

And at the end of each stage there’s BREAK TIME.. the stages last barely a minute, but I guess the programmers thought people might be sick of this shit after less than a minute, so let’s give them a break from it!

Nice trees…

Well, that’s it for Pac-Land. A bit of a disappointment, since I actually like Pac-Man, which this is NOT.

Today I gave this game another shot, just to see if it got any better. Well, after the third stage you don’t get to “Break Time” anymore, instead it’s.. Fairy land?!?

And on stage 4, you get stuck in limbo… it looks like you are back on stage 3 except that you are walking it backwards because you can’t move any further to the right. So I tried going back, but there’s a giant gap. A cherry appears in the pit and I jumped to grab it and I fell to my death. So on the last life I made a leap of faith into the pit to see if I could reach the other side, but I wasn’t even close. So that’s it for this game. Three levels, get to Fairy Land and then there’s no turning back… >_<

Btw, sorry for the crappy quality of my pics and videos, I had to use my ipod touch since my iphone’s memory was full, and I’m working on getting a recording device for my TV so the videos will kick-ass soon! =D