Famicom Disk System games

I’ve recently started collecting Famicom Disk System as well.

Here it is connected to the Famicom

I only have 5 games for it so far though

The games that are complete with box and manual are Metroid, Castlevania and Nazu no Murasamejou and the two games without manuals are Kinnikuman and Donkey Kong Jr and Super Mario Bros in one.

My two favorites are Metroid and Castlevania. And it’s really fun to look through the manuals which have a lot of artwork.

Here are some pics from the Castlevania manual

Omnomnom, chicken makes you stronger!

The Metroid manual is also filled with cool artwork :)

Here are the bad guys plotting to take over the universe!

At the end of each manual there’s always instructions on how NOT to treat your Famicom Disks:

AAAAHHH! Don’t touch me!!!

I love the illustrations ^_^

12 thoughts on “Famicom Disk System games

  1. Great stuff, I’ve always wanted to try some Famicom Disk games but, I can honestly say, I’ve never really even seen one besides ebay.

    • Yeah, I hadn’t heard of the Famicom Disk System until a few years ago, and I was a bit skeptical towards it at first, but when I saw all the games that had been released for it I just had to have it ^_^ Castlevania and Metroid with enhanced sound and saving options etc. Awesome!! :D

      • It looks pretty unique, I don’t think there are many systems like it. The are style in the instruction booklets is cool too, I miss those subtle touches. Games these days don’t even have instruction booklets for the most part. Any chance at some gameplay screens?

      • I will definitely to try take some gameplay screenshots ^^ Now that my guests have left I’ll have more time to play, so I can try to make my next review a Famicom Disk game ^_^

  2. This is awesome! I have a disk system coming to me in the mail right now :) I’m so incredibly jealous you are going to Tokyo! So cool I would fill a whole suitcase full of games!

  3. I’m completely missing out on your interesting posts, I need to click that follow button again… :-/
    Incidentally I received another 6 disk systems today which I will now restore… Maybe you should buy my Zeldas next month… If you don’t find them in Japan.
    Thanks for the blog post anyways.

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