Draw Something for iPhone/iPad

I’m sorry I haven’t been updating very frequently lately, but I’ve had relatives from America visiting for some time now. I haven’t had the time to play hardly any games since we’ve been busy planning my cousin’s wedding ^_^
However, one game-like-thing has kept us occupied from time to time every day, and that is the app Draw Something for iPhone/iPad or even Android. It’s so addictive! I’ve even created separate accounts for the game on my iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, so I am constantly playing it on three separate devices haha!

You play the game against friends, either through connecting your profile through Facebook, then you will see all your friends who have the app too, or you create a username and add your email, then you will need to know people’s usernames to be able to create games. When you create a game you always get to chose between three words, the one you chose you will have to draw and when you finish it will be sent to your friend who will have to try to guess the word. You will always have 8 letters picked out so it’s also a bit like an anagram. When your friend either figured out the word or pressed pass he or she can choose from three words to draw something back to you.

This is not a very “retro” like game, however during my time playing it many game related words have popped up, here are a few of the things I’ve gotten to draw :D

And some fictional characters ^_^

And here’s Sonic that my cousin drew for me ^_^ cute!

If you wanna see somebody who really kicks ass at drawing, and gives a rather extensive review of the Draw Something app then you should check out Mike Matei’s video:

7 thoughts on “Draw Something for iPhone/iPad

  1. Awesome, I play this all the time too on my Android cell phone, though I wish I could use a stylus instead of my finger lol. My drawings aren’t so good lol I feel bad for who ever has to guess mine!

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