Retro Game Challenge for Nintendo DS

Today I got Retro Game Challenge that I ordered from Ebay! I started playing it immediately and went through the first 8 challenges, it was hard to put this game down!

It’s basically a re-visit to the early days of gaming, where a game master challenges you in all the games he played in his childhood (throughout the 80’s).

The first game I was challenged in was Cosmic Gate.

Each game has 4 different challenges which you have to complete to continue on to the next game. The first challenges are quite easy, but the further you get the harder it becomes.

The last challenge of Cosmic Gate was to score 200.000 points. After beating all challenges of a game you unlock the freeplay for that game.

The second game was Robot Ninja Haggle Man.

A cool thing is that you get to see the original cartridges for the games and you’re also able to read about the story of the games.

The first challenges of Robot Ninja Haggleman was quite easy, however the last two ones were tougher. #7 Beat level 4 without dying, and #8 Beat the entire game.

I managed to beat all the challenges for Robot Ninja Haggleman as well, I will continue the challenges tomorrow ^^

If you have trouble with any of the challenges, like figuring out how to earn extra points or find cheats and such you also unlock a Gamefan Magazine with each game where you can read about them. You are also given the manual for each game. This is a really nice touch to the game.

It’s a really cool game for the DS, it’s a lot of fun to be able to play 8bit retro games, and also get challenged in them! However one downside to the game is that there is a little bit to much talking in between gameplay, a lot of meaningless blabber to sit through..

Thanks to Alana at Retrogamergirl for making me aware of this game! ^_^

10 thoughts on “Retro Game Challenge for Nintendo DS

  1. It’s such an awesome game, definitely hard to play only challenge a day! The sequel is really good too, it doesn’t have a translation but there is only one game that is really text heavy that I had problems with, I only know a little bit of Japanese, but there is a way to skip it so you don’t have to do it.

  2. Nice article. I actually got HOOKED on the Dragon Quest-style RPG in the collection, as it’s a lot tougher than it looks (and pretty long, to boot!)

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