OMG Japan!!

Retro gaming store in Tokyo Japan. Three floors just filled with retro heaven! This one was only Famicom ^_^

So many things, I just wanted it all!

And the prices were reasonable!

Akihabara, also known as the ‘Electric Town’ in Tokyo. This is where you will find some of the Retro Gaming stores I’ve been visiting today :)

Here’s some of the things I’ve picked up today. A Twin famicom! A bunch of Famicom games, some Super Famicom and a Sega Mega Drive game (just to see if it works on my PAL system).

19 thoughts on “OMG Japan!!

  1. “This is where you will find some of the Retro Gaming stores I’ve been visiting today”
    You’re there! In Japan. That is awesome :) I am really very jealous. This is the Mecca for video gamers! Looks like you’ve got a good pile of loot already. And you were just talking bout the Twin Famicon recently, and now you own one. Sweet.
    Keep buying! :P I’m really looking for forward to your updates from Japan. I’d also love to hear about details of where these game stores are. Maybe someday I’ll find myself there…

    • Most electronics and video game shops are in Akihabara, it’s easy to find in the subway station, quite central. The best store I went to (where the photos are from) is called Super Potato. They have a website though it’s all in Japanese.
      I was so happy that my friend was with me so she could ask the staff some questions for me, I almost bought an AV Famicom complete in box, but since they had closed the box in new wrapping I didn’t know what the console on the inside looked like, I didnt want one that was yellow and they didn’t know if it was.. So I got the twin Famicom instead ^^

  2. That Mega Drive game you found (Fatman) is one I had when the Genesis was current. When I first got it I was dissapointed because I just didn’t get it and I thought it sucked. But because I really didn’t want to admit I bought a crappy game I really dove into it. And as I played I started figuring out the moves and I got pretty good! I was able to beat it and in the end I really did enjoy it. I’d say it’s about a medium difficulty.
    It’s no Street Fighter but it’s very different and it’s actually worth while. I tried it again recently and I have forgotten everything but I know this game it worth some time. Good find!

    • Omg thanks for the update on Fatman! I didn’t know anything about it and just thought it sounded hilarious ^^
      FATMAN! Na-na-Na-na-Na-na-Na-na-FATMAN!! (humming the old batman intro song..) ^_^
      Now I’m totally excited to try it out! Btw I didn’t think the cartridges looked bigger than the European ones, I hope I’m right o_O though Fatman might need some carving ;D

  3. Man this is so incredibly awesome, I don’t know what to say other than I’m sooooo jealous! If I go I’ll need a few extra suitcases to put stuff in to bring back, and a ton of money cause I would buy so much stuff!

  4. Awesome post. I’d go broke (well, even more broke) on that Famicom floor alone. What color is your Twin Famicom, by the way? I know you’ll love it because it so much more convienient than the standard setup…

    • I will go broke probably! Haha ^^
      I bought the bright red one, they had all colors and it stood between the red or the black but I didn’t like that the black one was kind of a washed out black and also the red one I looked at was in super nice condition! :D

  5. Nice buys. Wish I could see the price tags. ^^
    Castlevania III, Kid Dracula and Wai Wai World I guess were most expensive (and best), together with Altered Beast I think I know why you bought it; the famicom version is quite alright. A few junk games too hmmm.
    I hope the Twin Famicom was refurbished or you will have to work with it. ^^ ( I have had to fix a couple of disks systems for the expo tomorrow )
    Thanks for the pics.

    • They said that the console was working so I sure hope it is so! :D
      All in all it wasn’t too expensive, I gave between 150-200 SEK for some of the more ‘sought after’ games, but most games were like 10-30 SEK :) Some things I bought because I’ve been looking for them (like Kid Dracula and Wai Wai world) and some others I bought without having a clue so I will be surprised when I play them :D
      Is it Altered Beast?? I’m not so sure, it might be a Nintendo copy of that Sega franchise.. It sure did look like altered beast, but the screenshots on the back were a bit different… Castlevania three?! haha I wasn’t even sure it was a Castlevania game! It was cheap!! And it didn’t say Castlevania on it!! It did say Akumajou which some of the other Castlevania games entail in japanese, and there was a vampire and a guy whit a whip which looked a lot like Castlevania, but I thought it was some sort of Castlevania rip-off hahaha ^^
      Tonight I’m alone in a hotel room so I might try some of the games out and see if the Twin Famicom works at all!

      • The cart should work just fine, it’s the disk part that is prone to need restoration. But if they said it worked that should be fine…
        I’m gonna guess it cost at least 7000 yen.
        Those machines are so heavy to ship. I sell them for 995 SEK I think. The red one is nicer I suppose.

        You may want to buy a Swedish power supply from me for 50 SEK when you get back….

        Enjoy your Castlevania games.

      • I need to go find myself a disk so I can try ^^
        Do you only sell the black ones? I paid around 800 SEK for it, pretty reasonable, and no shipping :D
        I will definitely buy adaptors from you when I get back, add it to the total of my last purchases ;D

  6. I sell whatever I can get for cheap… ;) The black is just more common. I think I’ve only had 1 or 2 red, but 3-4 turbo (black), and 10-15 black ones.
    There is a red turbo too, it costs twice as much.

  7. This is heaven on Earth… totally awesome… I could spend a million £’s there, if I had it :)
    Fantastic post, thanks for sharing :)

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