Twin Famicom & Attack Animal Gakuen

It’s working! I’m still in Japan, but managed to connect the Twin Famicom I bought yesterday to the TV in my hotel room.

I’m probably not gonna have time to go through and try all the games I bought for Famicom, but at least I know the system is working ^^

The first game I opened up was something called Attack Animal Gakuen (アタックアニマル 学園) and it kind of resembles Space Harrier. Not nearly as good, but still an entertaining game.

I haven’t been able to try the disk station of the console yet, since I didn’t buy any Famicom Disk games, but I will try to find some of those tomorrow so I can make sure it works completely :)

Look at those cute controllers!!!!

6 thoughts on “Twin Famicom & Attack Animal Gakuen

  1. I’m loving your adventures in Japan! I just can’t imagine what it must be like to just walk into a store and buy retro video games! It’s unheard of! I’d be doing exactly what you’re doing; buying game that look like they might be interesting and fattening up the collection :)
    What else is on your hit list? You looking for other system? Maybe a Japanese SNES?
    Are Neo Goes crazy expensive there?

    • I know! It’s unthinkable until you’re actually there! ^_^
      I don’t really know what else I’m looking for, not until I see it haha. I would be cool with a PC Engine perhaps, and definitely a NEOGEO, but I don’t know what they cost here. I saw some NEOGEO games in the store I was in, they probably had the system as well, but I didn’t have time to go through everything, if I go back I’ll check the prices for sure! ^^
      I already have a japanese Super Famicom ;D But I might look for more games for that one, and some Famicom Disks!! :D

  2. These stores have had some great finds, I’ll have to get one of those twin famicoms. That one looks like it’s in great condition, most of the things that you’ve found look like they are actually.

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