Retro gaming store in Japan

So today I took another trip to the Super Potato store in Akihabara. This time I spent hours just looking through all the retro gaming goodness they had to offer ^_^ And on the way to the store I took the opportunity to drop by a couple of arcades, like this one:

So here’s a couple of things you could find in the Super Potato store:

Famicom games, 4 shelves (only 2 are in the picture) all organized in alphabetical order.

On the opposite side just as many shelves with Famicom games in original boxes, all in really nice condition.

Super Famicom games, also 4 shelves in alphabetical order.

Super Famicom games in boxes, super nice condition.

Game Boy games! They also had shelves filled with boxed ones, and lots of GBC and GBA games too ^^

Lots and lots of Game & Watch!! ^_^

Nintendo 64’s that looked like new, came with controllers and all cables for like 2000 Yen (about 170 SEK, or 25 USD) o_O

On the first floor they also had a bunch of Sega, everything from 8bit to Dreamcast ^^

On the second floor they had all the PS1, PS2, comics, literature such as walkthroughs and guides, all soundtracks to games and lots more ^^

I really wanted to buy this Super Metroid book, but I had already picked up sooo many games that I had to stop myself somewhere :/

And of course they had all the machines where you can get little game related thingys like straps and keychains, I got some Mario stuff there ^^

On the third floor they had an arcade, and no regular arcade, they only had old games, 8bit and 16bit, like Pacman, Pac-Land, Donkey Kong, Final Fight, Splatterhouse, Ghost n Goblins, Street Fighter, Metal Slug, Space Shooters and lots lots more. I stayed there for a while and tried out most of the games, a japanese guy wanted to play Final Fight with me and we got quite far. It was a lot harder than on the console version O_o They also had this really cool chair made out of Famicom cartridges glued together! I sure hope those games weren’t in working order, otherwise it would be a waste :(

Also Pac-Land was a lot different from the Famicom version which I have previously reviewed here and re-visited here.

Here’s some pictures of the different arcade machines, especially Pac-Land ^^

Ghosts n’ Goblins

XX Mission

Final Fight

Final Fight Game Over :(


16 thoughts on “Retro gaming store in Japan

  1. Wow that is so awesome! I can’t even imagine being surrounded by that many games, I wouldn’t know where to start looking! lol

    The arcade sounds so awesome too, it would be so cool to have an arcade like that nearby :)

    I wonder how sturdy that chair is lol would be pretty awesome to get a picture of yourself sitting in it :D

  2. Thanks a ton for the travel guide and drool-worthy photos. I’m surprised you didn’t have one of those stores ship stuff to your home so you could buy more games.

    I hope the Famicom Chair is made up of crappy games and not something rare. Could you imagine looking down and seeing that one game you’ve been searching for right in the center of that chair?

    • hmm, I don’t know if they would do that. But still no one spoke english there so it would have been hard to try and ask them to send it >_<

      haha, yes that would have been super annoying! But it kind of looks like the chair is unfinished in the right upper corner, so I bet they keep adding games to it as soon as they get games that aren't working..

  3. I’m sure I’ll be dreaming about this Super Potato store. Those are some awesome pictures. Thank you for sharing!
    It’s great to hear they have a Sega section too. I’ll be adding Super Potato store to my travel destination wish list. :P
    So, what games did you pick up on the second visit to retro video gaming heaven?

    • I will update with another post soon with all the games from the second visit ^^ Found lots of Famicom Disk games ^_^
      You would love their Sega collection! You should definitely visit!! :D

  4. I thought you’d only be there a week…

    If you want stuff you can’t carry, just mail them to yourself. I mail stuff from Japan all the time…
    Have you tried out the disk part yet?

  5. Did you buy Takeshi no Chousenjo? That’s quite a hoot. Also, does Sweden have a bunch of retro game stores too? Surely, not quite like Tokyo’s, but …well at least in Manhattan, there’s only one I know of, and they’ve got a giant statue of Mario outside. If in Japan, they’d probably put a pig face or a bandana on it. Also, whenever I was in Tokyo, Super Potato, Mandarake and Nakano were usual go-tos, with Book Off and random stores in Chiba serving as bonuses.

    • Nope, didn’t get that one, but I will make sure to keep an eye out for it now ^_^
      Sweden doesn’t really have a lot of retro game store, I don’t know of any really.. perhaps there might be something in Stockholm, but that’s 5 hours from where I live.. >_<
      The one in Manhattan, is it the one I saw when I visited? (check my post about it here)
      Next time I go you’ll have to give me the addresses of those other ones too! ;D I only went to Super Potato and one other which was smaller, also in Akihabara.

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