I was just going to get Gain Ground for the Sega Mega Drive…

At my last retro gaming event a friend thought I should get a game called Gain Ground for the Sega Mega Drive. He said it was a great game. The only one I could find at that time on Ebay was a japanese version, so I bought it, and while I was at it I checked out the sellers other auction.. and then I couldn’t restrain myself!

I ended up buying 12 Japanese Sega Mega Drive games! :D And the packages arrived today ^_^

In the shopaholic-rush that I get sometimes.. I accidentally bought a game I already had.. Fantasia >_< which is stupid hard! Though this is the Japanese version instead of the PAL, perhaps it’s better.. but I doubt it! I also got Cyber Police ESWAT and of course the Gain Ground that I set out for ^_^

I also got Insector X, which I guess is a sequel to the Famicom game with the same name. I recently got the Famicom version and I liked that game so I just supposed it would be even better in 16-bit! :D King Colossus and Senjo no Oukami II also seemed interesting, I just watched brief youtube videos, and I basically buy anything that is platforming, puzzle or shooter ^_^

Magical Taruruto-Kun is a popular series on the Famicom, so bought it cause I recognized the name. Junction seemed like a cool arcade/puzzle game, kind of like Marble Madness but kind of different, I can’t tell whether it will be amazingly cool or just awful until I try it out though ^^ Phelios I had been wanting to get on several occasions and this time it was just reasonably priced ^_^

And last but not least Shiten Myooh, Midnight Resistance and Time Dominator. I just HAD to get Shiten Myooh because of the funny name  and cool box art ^_^ and Midnight Resistance looked kind of like Contra, can’t wait to try that out! Time Dominator looked like a total ripoff from the Sonic games! Really fast and similar graphics and gameplay.. hmm..

Well I just wanted to share what was in the mailbox today, now I’m off to try them all out! :D and try to figure out how to capture those friggin’ screenshots with COLOR! ;P

19 thoughts on “I was just going to get Gain Ground for the Sega Mega Drive…

  1. What an awesome package of games! It must have felt great when it arrived. They look to be in really great condition!
    Phelios is a great game. I think you’ll really like that one. It’s another top down shooter but you’ll know right away that it stand out from the rest of the genre. I think most of these game you’ll really enjoy.
    Uh-oh, I think King Colossus is a RPG game! Hopefully you’re Japanese is up to it! And with any luck maybe this will be the game to finally get you into RGP games :P Maybe not?… :)

    • Thanks! ^_^ They were all in excellent condition except for the Magical Taruto-kun which had some brown stains and wrinkled inlay..

      oh darn.. how could I have missed that? I really though I watched youtube videos of all of them before pressing buy.. well well.. it will be good training for my japanese! Unless I just give up after five minutes out of boredom ;D haha

  2. I LOVE Gain Ground!! I played that game hours at a time on the Genesis back in the day (that’s right, I said “Genesis;” WHAT?!?). I was ecstatic when I saw it on the Sega Genesis Collection on PSP

  3. Awesime haul – I have all of those except three, but I’ve played them all. Time Dominator (Socket in the US) is indeed a Sonic clone, but it’s a good one and funny, too. A duck with a plug for a tail? Yeah, that’s good for laughs.

    Midnight Resistance is awesome – yup, it rips off Contra, but it’s a lot different than the arcade version of MR, as it’s only one player and I believe it has some changes to the levels. Still, it has some cool action and I like that it’s also not taking itself so seriously.

    Gain Ground is great fun as well – I haven’t played it in a while, but it’s addictive and I like the range of characters you end up with (if you don’t lose any during the game, that is)…

    • Time Dominator was kind of cool, but I got stuck really early in the game and couldn’t find a friggin’ way out >_< so I moved on to the next game..

      I loved that in Midnight Resistance you would just press the shoot button and it would continue automatically shooting without having to hold the button down! Just aim and kill! :D
      It's a shame it's only one player though, would have been AWESOME if you could be two!

      Gain ground was really cool, and quite different. Do you know any games that are similar?

  4. Gain Ground is in a class by itself, but I’d highly recommend Gauntlet IV if you don’t already have it. It’s not a simple port of the arcade game at all. It’s also got a great (and long) quest mode with an interesting ending (oddly enough, the SAME ending as Dungeon Explorer on the Mega-CD). Also, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, or Skeleton Krew.

    I think I got stuck on the same part in Time Dominator as you did, but I forget how I got out of that level. I think it’s a head-slapping solution, too. Look out for Pulseman, Gunstar Heroes, Sparkster (I see you have Rocket Knight already), Tin Head, the two Vectorman games, Ristar, Flink, Mickey Mania and Earthworm Jim (of course) if you’re into fun platformers.

    Midnight Resistance is great fun, but was always disappointing for me because the arcade game was two-player and I always wanted to play with someone else, not pass the controller around level to level. Do you have Contra: Hard Corps or the MD Castlevania game yet? Those are a bit pricey, but come highly recommended.

    • I have Gauntlet the first one for Master System, but I’ll keep a lookout for Gauntlet IV ^_^
      Zombies and Skeleton Krew I have ^_^ Also Sparkster, Vectorman, Flink, Mickey Mania and Earthworm Jim ^^ But thanks for those other advices :D
      Yeah, Midnight Resistance sure would have been 1000 times better with 2 player coop :/ a shame they didn’t add that. Hard Corps is usually really expensive, I have the remake/sequal or whatever for XBLA (Hard Corps: Uprising), its’ SUPER hard!
      Of course I have the Castlevania the New Generation ;D

  5. If you want to hop back into Time Dominator and don’t mind some help: http://www.gamefaqs.com/genesis/586465-socket/faqs/10364
    I don’t have my copy of Socket any longer, or I’d have popped the cart in and played to that point where I think everyone gets stuck, then figures out what to do and falls over laughing because it’s not as crazy as they though.

    Speaking of, did you complete Atomic Runner? THAT game is a total nightmare for the unprepared. The Japanese MD version, Chelnov, is supposed to be rare, as I’ve always seen it priced quite high except for once in a used bookshop here waaaay back in the 90’s. That was another case where I passed over a game because I’d either already played it and didn’t like it the first time or I had no idea the value would be so high later on. I think the game was $12 complete, but I went for a bunch of other MD games in the same box and grabbed all but the sports stuff.

    Sometimes I wish I had a working time machine…

    • Thanks ^_^

      Nope.. *ashamed* haven’t gotten around to trying to beat atomic runner yet.. I will HAVE to do that though!
      haha, that’s just typical ^_^ A time machine would have bee friggin’ awesome! Imagine going back to the 80’s and just buying all those games that are super rare and super expensive today, you could have made a FORTUNE! :D not to mention having the most awesome collection of them all! ^_^ haha

      • Oh, Atomic Runner will tick you off a bit, I think. It’s one of those games that you need to be “in the zone” to play, as it can get really tricky really fast. I think my brother beat it once, but I’ll have to ask him. I know he played it a lot when he bought it and was always griping that the game “cheated!”

        I’d actually forgotten Midnight Resistance was a Data East game until I picked up Data East Arcade Classics for the Wii and remembered (and was annoyed that it’s NOT in the collection). I’m going to write a review of that and post it, as it’s a pretty nice collection of stuff (despite missing some key DECO titles, which makes me think the developer and publisher were planning to do a second volume)…

      • I’ve made it almost to the end, I see the cave next on the map and I’m guessing it’s the last stage. I sat with it a whole day and recording my efforts, and I don’t wanna release my review unless I beat it first, since I’m so darn close!!! haha ^^
        I like Data East games ^_^ I have most of the ones that were in that Arcade Classics for Wii that you reviewed :D

      • Wow… you’re pretty fast at those platformers, huh? I should send you the games I haven’t completed yet because I’m too old and slow to keep up. Heh, my lack of speed comes from playing too many RPGs and adventure games, I guess. If we’re ever invaded by aliens, I’ll let you jump and shoot while I think of ways to communicate (or find a safe hiding spot)…

      • well I love platformers! :D haha sure, just bring on the lists! Then I could send you the list of RPG’s I don’t have the patience to get through ;D haha

  6. Nice games, were they expensive? :) Too bad I hardly have any. Being a Nintendo guy, it’s like “who plays SEGA except that weird guy”. But alright alright I budge.

    • yeah they were actually pretty cheap, though I always have to email the sellers back and forth to make them lower the shipping costs >_< when buying on Ebay they always try to overcharge you for postage! :(
      Sega is amazing though, you should give it at try ;D

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