Captain Silver for Sega Master System

Now I’ve finished testing and cleaning all the Sega Master System games I’ve bought the last couple of weeks. And here they are!

There are way too many games to review them all at ones. So I’m just gonna start with one that I kinda really liked :D

Captain Silver!

This game is hard. It’s a real challenge. The biggest part that makes it so hard is that you die of only one hit, and you only have 3 lives and no continues! I don’t really mind the game being quite hard though, because it’s fun. The controls are smooth and responsive and you know that it is manageable you just aren’t allowed to make any mistakes! ^_^

You play as the pirate Captain Silver, and you collect letters, letters to spell your name. There are several different enemies, a pirates greatest enemies are according to this game: cats, walking lions, medieval troubadours and witches on broomsticks… and not to forget, green blob-thingys falling from trees WATCH YOUR HEAD!

There is also a fountain that kills you! Seriously if you land in the fountain you die. Because he gets wet?? But you can land on the tops of sprinkling water to get across.. o_O makes no sense

There’s a shop that I found where you could buy a fairy, she gives you the ability to shoot projectiles from your sword (!), boots which make you jump higher for a limited time, a jug of coffee or something that makes you blink (I haven’t figured out what it does, it certainly isn’t invulnerability though, I tried that…) and a clock which gives you more time. I actually got a time over a few times.. >_<

I made it to the boss at the end of stage one. It’s another witch on a broomstick just slightly larger than the previous witch I encountered. She wasn’t too hard, I just had to make sure I wasn’t standing beneath her when she dropped green blobs..

And I made it to the very beginning of stage 2. That’s how far 3 lives get me! Here you have pirates with guns shooting at you and birds flying towards you and stuff coming up from the ground without notice.. damn.. this game is hard

It’s a great platforming game though, the intro music is amazing! the level music is mediocre.. but the controls are smooth and and it’s a fun challenge!

I actually made a video of it a bit differently this time. Since I had been getting some requests to put voice commentary in my videos I finally tried it out. Personally I prefer watching gameplay videos of only the original game with original music and sound effects and no comments.. but that’s just me. This is for trying to please the crowd! ;D Let me know what you think, should I continue on this track or go back to my regular gameplay vids?

37 thoughts on “Captain Silver for Sega Master System

  1. 32 new games! That’s a really nice injection into your collection. And some of those games are really excellent.
    I can’t believe you now have Phantasy Star 1 and you will likely not play it because it’s an RGP. The though drives me a little crazy :P That is my number one game. Promise me you’ll at least try it out. Start the game, fight a few monster listen to some of the tunes, and be dazzled by these kick-ass 8-bit graphics.
    And you scored Fire and Forget 2! That game is hard to get. That and the first one are two of the few games for the SMS that I’m still looking for.

  2. Oops… I hit “post comment” long before I was done. These additions of your have gotten me all worked-up!
    I’m curious to see what you can do with Lord of the Sword. I really like this game but I find it to be hard. I think the graphics are better than Captain Silver and water fountains will not kill you :)
    I really enjoyed your video review/impressions. I love your commitment to driving home what you liked most… the title song! Got it :) The enthusiasm is great.
    Off the top of my head some of my fav SMS music are the Title screen music for Miracle Warriors (short but great, specially with FM sound), level one music for R-Type and level one music for Quartet.
    I have bad memories about that reset button on the SMS. A buddy and I were eight hours into Wonder Boy and we hit reset instead of pause when we were trying for a much needed break.
    Y’s is also a very good RPG. At first it might feel weak but if you give it a chance it’s really worth the time.
    Your new Master System games look to be in really good shape. I think you’ve done so well.

    • Haha thanks! I’m happy you liked my additions ^_^ However, I am aware there were a few RPG’s in there, like Phantasy Star and Y’s.. and basically.. I’m not gonna play them >-< no through anyway. I tried them out briefly, I must say Phantasy star had really nice graphics and all but I just get so bored of all the grinding and grinding to level up and walking around to talk to ppl to find shit out… I don't have the patience! haha I need fast paced games ^^ But I have a bunch of friend who like RPG's so perhaps they can play it when they're over! :D I mainly got them because they're famous, people like them, so I want them in my collection eventually anyway, and they were very reasonably prices ^_^
      hmm.. Miracle Warriors you say. Is that an RPG?
      Lord of the Sword was so stiff! But I actually sat down and played it for a looong time, and I thought I would be able to beat it, but eventually I hit a dead end o_O is it the same game as Sword of Sodan??
      What's Quartet btw?
      Most of these games I bought when surfing around retrocollect simultaneously and looking through their database, it reflected my purchases and I only bought games that were listed as rare or very rare! That site really isn't good for my economy haha! It makes me want so much more stuff I didn't know about previously! lol
      Yeah! It's really stupid having the Pause button on the system, right next to the Reset button!!
      and lastly thanks!! it means a lot that you appreciated my video! :D

      • Yes, I do understand… RPG grinding isn’t always a blast. I can’t fault you for that. But they are still great additions to your collection.
        I do the same thing. I often pick up games that I know are popular even if I’m not in love with them.

        Miracle Warriors is also a RPG… not a game for stopxwhispering! But it does have some nice music :)
        Now Quartet on the other is all platforming action goodness. I think you’d like it. It’s not hard and with your skills I’m sure you’d beat it pretty fast but it is one of my favorite games for the Sega Master System and it also has some awesome music.
        Check this out:
        Quartet Musis for the SMS
        The cover you see on the link above is for the Japanese version of Quartet which was called Double Target.
        I have an extra copy of Quartet and I’m looking for any old PAL Mega Drive game cart to test my Genesis modding. Hmm, maybe we could work something out? :)

        Sword of Sodan and Lord of Sword are different games. As a kid I liked Lord of the Sword but it was too hard for me.

        Looking forward to your next Video!

      • You’ve completely understood my taste in games ;D
        The music was great and the gameplay looks like a lot of fun! :D I have three games that I happen to have doubles of, I wouldn’t mind trading ^_^ Which one would you prefer: Altered Beast, Global Gladiators or Tiny Toon Adventures Buster’s Hidden Treasure? I’m not sure my PAL SMS would be able to play the Quartet game if it’s NTSC, but I wouldn’t mind trying, and if not then I will just have to get an NTSC SMS eventually anyway ;D

        I realized that now that I actually recently got Sword of Sodan, I tried it out yesterday! It was haaaard!! But fun! :D

  3. Oh boy……..

    One of THOSE kinds of games. It’s crazy how games like this are, but I think it’s hilarious that a PIRATE would die from touching water in what looks like a 1-foot deep fountain. Nuts, I tell you!

    But, seriously, this game looks about on par with WONDER BOY IN MONSTER LAND, which was brutally hard until you got a good feel for it. Not nearly as good as the other games that came next, but still very good.

    I agree with “TheSegaDude” though – you should definitely try out the YS games. They are great and they tell a great story. Heck, I’d say you should also track down “Ys Books I and II” on the TG 16-CD if you can! :)

    • Haha totally nuts! ^_^
      Aww, Wonder Boy in Monsterland.. I have it, but my copy doesn’t work :( I need to look for that again..
      I love challenging platformers! :D But I prefer it if they’re somehow beatable ;D
      Y’s.. yes.. I put it on and got into one fight both on the Y’s and Phantasy Star just to make sure it fully worked, and they both did.. buuut.. I will most likely not play through these RPG’s even though I probably would agree that they would be awesome and all. I have only had the patience to make it through a few RPG’s.. ever.. FFVII being one of them ^^

      • The thing about Ys is that while the first game might be stiff and such in places, some of the later ones are much more action-oriented. I suggest you look into Ys IV and Ys V (especially Ys V Expert) on the Super Famicom one day – those play kind of like Zelda, but possibly better in many ways and they have a good story.

        Quintet, to answer your question in an above reply, was a company that worked with Enix to create Act Raiser on the SNES in 1990. After that, they broke away and went on to create Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma (all of which are connected loosely), and finally they did Granstream Saga on the PlayStation. If you like more action-oriented games, I would suggest picking up those ones. Act Raiser has a sim element, but the others are much more action-oriented and RPG-like, again, perhaps like Zelda! :)

      • that’s the problem though, I don’t really have time for RPG’s and comparing something to Zelda is not in it’s favor when talking to me.. cause I haven’t even tried half of the Zelda games and haven’t finished any of the them.. and I just don’t like the franchise.. o_O

      • Good! Despite your comments to the contrary, I think you did a fantastic job with the video! Some games might be better to skip commentary and just show gameplay, but good, fun, and knowledgeable commentary is always welcome in my world! :)

      • Thanks ^^ I’ll see if I have time to make another in about 2 weeks, after I’m done planning another wedding o_O
        I myself prefer non-commentary, unless it’s funny, like AVGN or such ^^

  4. If you don’t have it yet, I think you’ll like Golvellius for the SMS, as it’s a RPG that’s action-based (top down and side-scrolling) and it’s quite cool to boot. The ending promises a sequel, but one was never made as far as I know…

    Miracle Warriors is a RPG as well, but kind of cool because it came with a huge map that you could put pins into to track your progress. I heard it could be beat really quickly with a weird exploit, but it’s been a few years since I played it…

    • I really want to know more about that Miracle Warriors game! What is it like, and is it worth getting?

      Golvellius is indeed pretty good, kind of almost like a Zelda game. I believe there was a version that had a bit more story to it, perhaps on the MSX or MSX2.

      • Miracle Warriors is one of my favorite games for the Sega Master System. At first glad it might look a little rough around the edges but it’s a solid and very fun RPG. Like many RPG’s of the time you start off as one character and later find three to make up your party of four. There will be a little bit of grinding to do but the game progresses well and the 8-bit music is excellent. I believe this game was ported from the PC so it really does have a good retro feel to it.
        The combat is random encounters with turned based fighting. This is one of the few RPG’s I beat as a kid and I loved it. I think Mirracle Warriors was over looked by a lot of people.
        It’s not too expensive and if you like 8-bit/16-bit RPG’s I think it’s worth picking up. The game comes with a map that is often missing when you find it for sale but the Internet can fix that if you can’t get the map for a good price.

        Miracle Warriors is not for Stopxwhispering but it’s a solid game :)
        Stopxwhispering might actually like Golvellius. It is a RPG but it’s all real time action and not that long of a game.
        Come on, try it out! :P

      • Golvellius is also a mild Zelda clone (though I hate to use that term), and that really works in its favor. Another cool one just for fun to get would be Golden Axe Warrior as, in many ways, it is probably better than Zelda 1. I always really liked GAW. :)

        I need to get Ax Battler on the Game Gear one day though!

      • I sure hope it’s not as confusing and irritating as Zelda though…. o_O :(
        I have Golden Axe Warrior, but I haven’t actually tried it out yet.. it sure does look a lot like Zelda.. I need to get myself a Game Gear though! But I haven’t found one yet in good condition for a decent price.. >_<

      • haha there you go with the Zelda references again! damn woman you’re putting me off every game here LOL! Zelda is too hard every time I hear the name it just reminds me of those 2 friggin’ hours of frustration I spent trying to beat the first one.. >-<

  5. I’d forgotten about Golden Axe Warrior (even though I can see it on the shelf nearby, oops!), so that and Ax Battler on the GG are recommended. Dragon Crystal and Gauntlet for the SMS are cool as well. I know both are more traditional RPGs, but Heroes of the Lance (a Dungeons & Dragons game) and Ultima IV (which is a bit tough to track down, but worth it if you’re a fan of that series)…

      • thanks! So.. Golvellius, Rampage, Alien3, Cyborg Hunter, Populous, Space Harrier, Alien Syndrome, Penguin Land, something Soliders??, Shadow of the Beast, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Special Criminal Investigation, E-Swat, Rainbow Islands, Strider, Kenseiden, Spy vs, Spy and Dynamite Duke I don’t have.. however I have some of them for the Sega Mega Drive. Is it worth getting the SMS version as well then?

      • I’m not quite sure if Populous would be up your alley unless you like stuff such as Sim City and Civilization, but if you do, it’s a solid game.

        SMS and MD versions vary widely in a bunch of areas – Genesis versions will be better looking (well, depending on how you approach visuals – some folks like the older style me, I don’t have a preference) and have more content. You’ll also notice more detail in Genesis versions of SMS games like Altered Beast, Streets of Rage, Dynamite Duke, Strider and so forth and so on…

        Some Master System titles are also on the Game Gear and are basically the same games with a few exceptions. Oh, that’s Time Soldiers by the way. I need to take a less blurry photo and update one of these days…

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