Game Gear Games and RED L.E.D

Starting the morning off with some coffee in my favorite mug…

Now today I got a package, my dear friend Mona had been to a flea market and found some Game Gear games and called me to see if I was interested. Since they were so cheap of course I wanted them! So she picked them up for me :D and today I got the package from her in the mail.

I don’t have an actual Sega Game Gear yet, but now there’s even more of a reason to get one! :D

She had also gotten me a surpriser gift!

A C64 game called RED L.E.D! Can’t wait to try it out ^_^

Now I probably won’t be updating for about 2 weeks since I’m having a bunch of relatives visiting from the US due to a wedding, but I’ll be back soon ^_^

14 thoughts on “Game Gear Games and RED L.E.D

  1. What a great mug :) A classic and it’s in great shape too!
    Those game gear games also look like they’re in excellent shape. That’s a really good find!
    I think both Wonder Boy and Castle of Illusion are both ports from the Master System and they are good games. Wonder Boy is one of my favorite Sega Master System games. My buddy and I tried really hard to beat it years ago but we just couldn’t! I’d love to see you give a go :) But it might be easier to play the SMS version if you wanted to record it. *hint, hint* :P

  2. You and your weddings… :)
    I’m getting into the Sega scene now. Japanese, naturally…
    The Master System boxes are lovely, and the Game Gear games are both beautiful and inexpensive. It’s a little tricky to get the consoles, but I have found some nice ones…

    • I want a Sega Game Gear!! Do you have one up for sale?
      I’m more into Mega Drive on the stationary systems since I don’t have a way of playing the Master System games from Japan yet… unless you have a Master System up for sale as well? ;D

  3. How much could a Master System adapter be worth? I might be able to get some, but they would cost 275-300 SEK .

  4. I had wonder boy And its a great game! I had a game gear but sold it 2 weeks ago :( i would Of have sold it to you!

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