8-bit beads

I was planning on blogging about all my newly purchased games both yesterday and today, but I got distracted..

After coming home after work yesterday I sat down and got the idea that I should try to make some of that bead art in 8bit, since I had recently purchased a huuuge box of 20.000 beads for a bachelorette party I was hosting. However we never got to beading so I was just stuck with a bunch of beads!

Beading turned out to be really fun and relaxing, and somewhat addictive! O_o

And it takes forever!

The most time consuming thing is sorting all the beads >_<

But after about 5 hours (I don’t really know, I seriously lost track of time) I had finished my Pac-man and Inky, Blinky, Pinky & Clyde and some variations.

My favorites were these ones:

My boyfriend came home after a fishing-trip at around 11 at night, and I had continued with new characters and hadn’t even taken the time to eat dinner! That’s how addictive it was! I had run out of black beads so I basically had to improvise with the colors..

At 1 past midnight I managed to go to bed… and today after work I said I wouldn’t bead (until I had gotten the new beads I purchased during my lunch hour! I bought 110.000 beads in sorted colours!…i’m serious……they were cheap…) But I still got stuck beading some more.. >_<

It’s fun! You should try it out, unless your easily addicted to things like I am…

13 thoughts on “8-bit beads

  1. Wow – those are fantastic! OK, you HAVE to make a beaded dress (game-themed, of course – maybe a Samus armor pattern?). I bet you could have sold some of those at this year’s Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas

    • Thanks! :D I know, I wanna make Master Chief from Halo and Samus Aran!!! And a huuuuge mother brain ^_^ But I need to get some bigger plates first.. Check out my Space Invaders I just posted, I think they’re sooo cuuuuute :D

    • Thanks! ^_^ I just went to a local toy store and bought a big 20.000 bead pearl pack with mixed colous and some small bead plates to make them on ^_^ You can find those anywhere, even on Ebay, dirt cheap :D They’re apparently called “Perler Beads” in English ^_^
      You should try it out! It’s fun :D

  2. You can find them under perler beads and hama beads online. The huge mixed batches are cheaper to buy but take forever to sort! I always buy them in individual colors :)

    • Yup, that’s what I’ve done too now.. half of the time making my 8bit beads have been sorting >_< I bought like 22 colours, 5000 beads each, 110.000 beads! Where should I store them all?!? o_O

  3. So I’ve tried to think of a witty, concise comment to leave here, but every time I look at these wonderful creations I find myself shouting, “DO WANT!!!” at the top of my lungs and scaring everyone around me.

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