Sega Game Gear!!

I finally got myself a Sega Game Gear! And it’s in original box, from Japan :D

And it’s in pretty good shape ^_^

So now I’m finally able to play all the Game Gear games I’ve been purchasing! Though this sucker demands 8 AA-batteris! EIGHT! And it sucks them clean quite fast.. I need to get myself a power adaptor..

I’ve gotten a few games, they are: Fantasy Zone, Battletoads, Columns, Dragon the Bruce Lee story, Popils, Sonic Spinball and Sega Game Pack 4 in 1 (this one I only bought because it was really cheap and it was listed as Rare on

One of my favorites is Battletoads, even though the cartridge label was slightly faded from sun exposure, it’s still a great game! And the Game Gear version is way better than the Game Boy version, then again it’s two completely different systems. The Game Gear version looks just like the NES version! And the music is awesome ^_^ Once I get a power adaptor I’ll try to see if I can get passed the third stage! I managed on the Famicom :D

Another favorite is Fantasy Zone! The cartridge is really pretty ^_^ But it’s also a really fun shooter!

And I looove Tetris-style games, so Columns is an obvious choice of mine. I can play it for hours! That was the game that emptied the Game Gear batteries!

The other 4 games I basically just started up to see that they worked, I will give them a go another day ^^ I completely forgot about the 2 games my friend had bought me, Castle of Illusion and Wonderboy. I will have to get more batteries before I can try those two out as well..

And still I can’t stop beading… here’s my Space Invaders!

16 thoughts on “Sega Game Gear!!

    • Thanks ^_^ I love schmups!! :D Schmups, platformers, puzzlers and action games are the shit ^_^ I just need to put down the beading for a bit so I will actually have time to play some games haha!

  1. YES! YES! YES!
    It’s great to see my beloved Game Gear system continue to receive more & MORE love! I still have my original from 1991, and I’m on track to repairing the speaker and screen.

    Also, “Columns” is the shiz-nit!!

  2. Awesome! Here’s some games to track down once you come up for air from beading:

    Gunstar Heroes (not cheap, but worth every penny), Dynamite Headdy (ditto), Panzer Dragoon Mini (super expensive and a bit easy, as it’s a kids game, but fun), and of the Sonic the Hedgehog games, Dragon Crystal (if you like rouge-like RPGs with random dungeons and a quicker pace than story-driven games). There are a handful of shmups on the GG but my mind goes blank after Aerial Assault and G-Loc.

  3. They usually stop working, as this one had, and practitionerd said above…

    Also, if the famicom power supply fits, you can use it. If it doesn’t fit, you’ll need a different one I just got in.

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