New Famicom addictions! Crisis Force, Kage, Hitler no Fukkatsu etc..

This weeks I’ve gotten many packages, but this one got me most excited! :D

The games I got were Kage, Zelda, Battle of Olympus, Doki Doki Yuuenchi, Crisis Force, Street Fighter 2010, 1999 Hore Mitakotoka! Seikimatsu, Great Tank, Hitler no Fukkatsu, Hokuto no Ken 2, Hoshi no Kirby, Abadox and Eggerland (which didn’t fit in the picture).

They were all in such great condition! The ones that I am most happy about are these:

Crisis Force from Konami! A great shooter, and the cartridge looks like new!

Hiter no Fukkatsu! Because Adolf is on the cover! lol

Kage! Because it’s a great Ninja platforming game ^_^

Hoshi no Kirby Yume no Izumi no Monogatari! Because believe it or not I didn’t have this one before! ^_^

Street Fighter 2010 by Capcom, because it’s not really a street fighter game, it’s a really cool futuristic platformer! ^_^

and Zelda no Densetsu, because I might have to give it another try.. even though I don’t like Zelda games.. I’m falling for the group pressure >_<

I will update with more of my additions soon, I also have a lot of new Sega games ^_^

12 thoughts on “New Famicom addictions! Crisis Force, Kage, Hitler no Fukkatsu etc..

  1. As usual, awesome additions. I got a laugh and a cringe at your Adolf comment, too! Funny thing:he’s probably the most “popular” dictator in gaming history, as he appears on the cover of a bunch of Japanese games (primarily military strategy titles).

    And just you wait until you see and play Download 2 for the PC-Engine CD, as he’s (or rather, his BRAIN is) the main villain in that weird (but fun) shooter!

    Here’s a peek:

  2. Mmmm… “Hiter no Fukkatsu,” or “Bionic Commando” = AWESOME-SAUCE!!

    Also, PLAY ZELDA (though the first one is not my favorite — those ones being “A Link To The Past” and “The Windwaker” — it’s still an experience, especially if you haven’t played through a Zelda game before)!!

    • I actually didn’t know that it was Bionic Commando until I tried it out!! haha ^_^
      I have a lot of Zelda games.. I’ve put them all on at least ones, but I tried playing through them in a chronological order of release, but couldn’t beat the first one so I never gave any of them a chance.. it just pissed me off >_<

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