O, P, Q & R! Famicom Collection ^_^

Updated my Famicom Library up to R tonight! Among some of the updates were of course the Rockman games I have, Rolling Thunder, Puzznic, Red Ariman (which is Gargoyles Quest for NES), Penguin-kun Wars, Pac-Land, and a bunch of great Konami games, like Rampart, Road Fighter and Quarth!!

And much much more, so go check it out! :D

5 thoughts on “O, P, Q & R! Famicom Collection ^_^

  1. Good to see you’re still updating. I hope you enjoy it because you’ll be doing it forever :P
    I just noticed your “My Collection” Thumb nails in your menu bar. That’s a really great idea. It’s an easy way for people to dive into whatever part of your collection they want to see most. I went straight for your Sega Collection of course! Do you have a count of how many games in each of your collections? I think your entire collection has me beat (by a long shot) but I’d like to know whos got more Sega games :P
    Keep it up! Don’t go broke but keep it up!

    • Haha of course ^^ But not forever! I have put up something like 300+ games already to the Famicom Library, and I have almost 500, and there are only a bit above 1000 games released for it, so there is an end to the updating! :D But then again, I’m working on a PC Engine and Famicom Disk library now as well………
      Yes I know exactly how many games I have for each system, it’s neatly kept in an excel spreadsheet, with color codes and all! :D
      104 SMS, 183 SMD, 469 Famicom, 228 NES, 92 GameBoy (only the first gameboy) ^_^ In total 2369 games right now

      • Ah ha!

        I have 186 SMS, 153 Jap SMD and 126 Genesis games! That’s 465 Sega games (not counting a few Sega Mark III games that I have). All boxed and most complete :D

        However, it looks like you are (by far) the champ with 2,369 retro video games! That’s awesome and nuts! But mostly awesome.

        BUT!… I just bought nine more SMD games that I haven’t posted yet so… 465+9 = still getting my ass kicked.

        And that’s OK. I love that there are so many people like us out there in the world :)

      • well my 2379 (yes I’ve gotten more this week) ;D are not all retro, included in that are also my 176 xbox 360 games, my 31 Wii games, and all of my 5 (!) PS3 games ;D haha, but most of it is retro, I would say about 80% perhaps.
        But you definitely have more Sega games than I do! So be proud ^_^

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