Secret Sega prize!

Today the secret prize has arrived to theSegaDude who won the contest!
secret prize!!!

For those of you who were curious, then here is what it contained! :D
secret prize! content

I actually waited until the winner was announced to decide what the package should contain, since I wanted to optimize the prize for whoever would win ^_^ Since theSegaDude is a Sega collector, the price was Sega inspired! :D

First of all a game, that I don’t think he already had in his collection: Tiny Toons Adventure: Busters Hidden Treasure
tiny toon adventures busters hidden treasure sega mega drive

Then I made SEGA coasters with perler beads! :D
sega coasters 8bit perler beads

And then I also made a few artworks from Sega characters such as Sonic and Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone (which is theSegaDude’s avatar) ^_^
opa-opa fantasy zone perler bead
sonic 8bit perler bead art

Check out the unwrapping of the prize on theSegaDude’s site! :D

4 thoughts on “Secret Sega prize!

  1. LOL Some how I over looked that you might have gotten the Opa Opa idea from my avatar. And it was a great choice. I really do love Opa Opa. You optimize this prize really very well. I didn’t have a copy of Tiny Toon Adventures for any flavor of Mega Drive/Genesis so that was also a really nice gift. Thank you very much for doing this little contest.
    If anyone ever see Stopxwhispering doing another contest be sure to take part. It was very thoughtful and a lot of fun!
    Thank you!! :D

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