Famicom catalogue update!

My Famicom collection page was getting so massive that I had problems loading it even when I was just trying to edit! Therefore I have now re-designed the page and split it into sorting games from A-Z! (and yes, I actually have Famicom games in every single letter, except for X…)

This should hopefully make it easier to browse through the games for the visitor as well ^_^ Both in the top and bottom will be an alphabet of links to each page, like this:


I have also added a few new games to it. So far there’s 481 games in the list, I do however have a bit above 100 more to put in there under various letters. I’ll get to that soon ^_^

Every game is also labeled with their code on the cartridge, so if you are searching for a certain game that you have but need the name of you can search it in my search box and the correct page will pop up! :D

arrows Search
arrows search results
arrows Super Rescue Solbrainarrows
omfg yay!

Oh, and I’ve also added three stars to a few of my personal favorites ^_^ So if you see stars it might actually be a f*cking awesome game!! :D ★★★

So what are you waiting for?? Go check out my new FAMICOM LIBRARY! :D

15 thoughts on “Famicom catalogue update!

  1. Nice! I think I only had about 221 or so Famicom games (not counting Disk System or US NES stuff) before I started whittling down my stash, so I’ll keeping an eye on that list for future reference should I feel the need to get back into collecting for the console again…

    • You know you want to, what are you waiting for? Start collecting! ;D
      I have a bit over 600 including some doubles. ^^ btw, how do you like the layout of the catalogue? Is it easy to browse through?

      • LOL! Between Stopxwhispering and I we’re going to totally stress out geelw to the point were he’s going sell his awsome retro games and walk away.
        If it means anything geelw, I stopped thinking I was a contender with stopxwhispering a long time ago :P
        Someone on Sega-16 or Retro Collect (I forget which) once said I was only a “two shelfer” when refering to my collection. Meaning that I was small fry because only had two book shelves full o stuff!

        geelw Says:
        February 6, 2013 at 9:44 pm
        @_@ YES, MASTER… (shuffles off to rob bank to afford expensive game collecting habit…) She’s created a Famicom Golem!

      • LOL- oh, no – I’m not selling anything. No stress, either. I think I’m at least a “dozen shelfer”, but I need to put up more shelves one of these days. The tower of games is leaaaaaning slightly to the right these days, but the bookshelf and closet stuff is safe as it gets.

    • Hey geewl,
      I know I’ve said it before but you really need to find a room or even just a wall to setup most of your stuff. It’s a shame that have you have to leave so much packed away. I bet your stuff would look awesome all setup on display! Even if you don’t have as much as you use to.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it :D I’ve personally felt that something like this has been lacking, so hopefully I’ll have a complete list one day ^_^ for people to enjoy and get information from :)

  2. Great job with the indexing! It must have been a lot of work. I chose to do something similar but using a simple Excel spread sheet and Google Drive to host it. It’s works and it’s easy but my method doesn’t support images like you have. Which is really nice feature.

    • Oh google drive! I was wondering how you got yours to work ^_^ too bad about not being able to use images though :/ Since WordPress is hosting my blog I can’t use custom plugins or anything I just have to work with what I have and had to just create tables through HTML coding and linking all the letters to various pages, but it worked out pretty good ^_^

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