Cassette-rack-box-thingy for my C64 games!!

This weekend I went to a second hand store and found the most awesome thing I’ve found in years!! The second hand stores around where I live never sells games, I usually see antique stores and random charity shops to loot for decorative nonsense, jewelry and interior stuff like furniture and such (yes I do buy other things than games sometimes) ;D

But this time I found something that was completely and utterly useful and fit right into my Retro Room!! A vintage cassette rack box thingy!!

Cassette box

It’s all orange and pretty, which is the color I’ve been using in my gaming room ^_^ It fits right in!! AND now I have a really clever storage for my Commodore 64 games :D

Cassette box with C64 games!!
And it looks awesome when it’s filled with some C64 cassettes ^__^

Cassette box with C64 games!

There’s even some room left in one corner so I can buy even MORE games for the C64 :D Any good suggestions of what the must-haves for Commodore 64 would be? ^^

19 thoughts on “Cassette-rack-box-thingy for my C64 games!!

  1. That rocks! It looks really really good. The rack-box-thingy looks brand new, even though we know it’s not. It just looks Retro and not old at all. And those colorful cassette cases look fantastic!
    That is really very cool. That’s a great find for your collection :)

  2. Man, I wish I had a time machine! I had about half a dozen or so of those for my cassette tape collection back in the day. I think they were stackable as well. Heh, I still have the cassettes here (old, I’m OLLLLLD!), but in a few big double-sided zipper cases with plastic inserts for the tapes…

      • Well, I was moving and needed to take up less space, so they went to someone who could make better use of them. Hey, if I had a time machine, I’d have saved them and sent them your way. It was a looooong time ago!

        The funny thing is, there’s a store near here that HAD those racks for the longest time (a smaller size and stackable) and I used to laugh at the display because they were just sitting there unsold for years. I checked the other day after you posted and they weren’t there anymore, so either a mad cassette collector grabbed them all, or they found some way to ship them back to a distributor…

  3. I think the main issue with Famicom cart storage solutions are the shape of the different carts. There’s probably something from Nintendo for their carts, but I think some sort of custom constructed solution is in order.

    Hmmmm. How many beads will it take to make a Famicom rack to hang on a wall?

  4. Actually the Second hand stores here where you and I live stopxwhispering do sell lot´s of games, it´s where I picked up that Japanese Dreamcast I gave you some time ago :D.

    I´ve picked up 100´s of games there, but ya have to be fast, there are a LOT of collectors in this city, just take a look at you-know-where online papers and ya´ll see them ;)

    Nice retro 70´s cassette holder, if you look again at that store where you got that (because I reckognize it…haha), you should also find some video-storage-boxes for the smaller video formats, If I´m not mistaken…they should fit some of your game cartridges?

      • You have to be insanely quick, and camp often. Some of those who visit, come back every 2 hour just to see if someone left something cool. The cool stuff vanishes within 1 hour (not kidding!) I´ve nearly gotten into a fight over some items in there.

      • Sweden, a small SMALL village in the south of Sweden. Don’t underestimate second-hand shops in small villages, you can find some of the best stuff in there as most people don’t have a big newspaper to sell stuff to everyone in a big city, therefor you’ll find MORE stuff in small villages :)

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