GAME COLLECTION: My Retro Room re-visited

Edit: My room has been updated since this post. Check out my latest collection pics here >>


me and my gamesRecently I got interviewed by Ant Harper from Retro Games Collector :D So for this feature I needed to take some more recent pictures of my Retro Room containing my game collection :) It was quite a while ago since I last shared pictures of my game room, from when I upgraded to a bigger room, so I thought I would share the new ones here as well so you can all see what it looks like today!

My retro room
So this is more or less what it looks like today! :D

Retro Video Game Room 2
This is the lighting of the room, it’s very cosy and warm with mainly red lights ^_^

My retro room - desk
Here’s my desk, where I’m sitting right now and blogging ^_^ haha!

Shelf closeup - SFC, FC and Atari2600
A close-up of the shelf over the desk. There’s mainly boxed Super Famicom games (There’s more of them now, it’s basically full so I can’t fit any more in there >_< but there’s still sooo many SFC games I want!!) And there’s boxed Famicom games, in the two middle shelves and the bottom right. I haven’t really collected boxed Famicom games that much, I have over 600 loose carts. On the bottom left are my Atari 2600 games, I have a few more doubles stacked away somewhere and a few boxed ones elsewhere. BTW I loooove my Pacman neon signt ^_^

Shelves - GB, GBC, GBA, Famicom
Behind the desk are 4 shelves, the two to the left are filled with Famicom cartridges, neatly organized by colour and by type! :D The top 5 rows are only platformers arranged by colour, below is one row with the few carts that have end labels (also platformers mainly), and below that is three rows with only shooters and then a row with puzzle games and lastly sports and other playable stuff that I don’t really care for. I have 4 boxes stacked away underneath the desk with all the RPG’s and various other text-heavy games that you can’t really play unless you’re fluent in japanese (also I don’t really care for RPG’s…..). The two right  shelves contain all my boxed GB, GBC and GBA games and on the bottom 2 rows with boxed NES games.

Facing my desk is a cool couch I got from my grand parents, it folds into a matress if you put the back on the floors facing it ^^ It’s like a puzzle :D

VB and NES
On the couch is also one of my three Virtual Boys, a Pacman Pinky porcelain piggybank and an official Nintendo wooden box where you can put a Zapper, two controlllers and a bunch of games inside ^_^ I put some of my favorites in there :D

favorite chair and famicom pillow
I also have a really cosy gaming chair that holds my Famicom pillow and temporarily also this Amiga 500. I have found a better place for it now underneath one of the TV’s.. ;D

TV setup 1 - NES
In this corner I have my PAL NES, with some Zappers on the wall ^_^

Shelf closeup1
Above that there’s some PAL SNES games and N64 games, also some of my Virtual Boy games on the bottom shelf (I have a bunch of doubles stacked away in a drawer as well, I’m only displaying the playable ones that are opened). There’s also some video game related board games like Centipede, Pac-man and Donkey Kong and various other games like boxed Atari 2600 games and games for the Intellivision that I can’t play since I don’t have that system yet :(

Shelf closeup2 Famicom Disk System
On this shelf I have my Famicom Disk System games, some boxed Atari’s and in the left corner all my Star Wars related stuff and games ^^

Underneath that shelf I have my favorite painting that my friend Arri made for me ^_^ It has all my favorite game characters! :D

TV Setup 2
Here’s the mess.. the main TV that has almost all the consoles you see below connected to it! lol I did this using scart splitters (one outtake turning into 4) and also composite cable splitters for some systems that have the red, yellow and white cables. It’s not optimal, I’m gonna work on making it prettier so that you won’t see all the chords as much, but I’m still quite happy that I was able to connect all of these: NTSC NES, PAL SNES, Twin Famicom, PAL Sega Mega Drive, PAL Sega Dreamcast, PAL PS2, PAL Sega Saturn, PAL N64, Super Famicom, and a japanese Sega Master System ^_^

TV Setup 3
This is the third TV, and here I have my japanese Sega Mega Drive and all the 30-40 something games I have for it, and my PC Engine Duo and the Atari 2600 Junior ^_^

Konami shelf
Here’s a small shelf I painted and decorated and it holds all my Famicom Konami games, and two Game Gears and the Wonderswan color ^_^ I also love my Nintendo neon sign :D

PC Engine part 2
On the floor here are some of my PC Engine games.. I’ve re-organized these now onto a smarter CD stand with double sides that stands on my desk, looks much better! :D

PC Engine part 1
On top of this shelf are more PC Engine games.. this collection has been growing really fast since I discovered this awesome system :D

Shelf with castlevania etc
Here’s an overview of this wooden shelf that contains a bunch of stuff. Below you’ll see some close-ups. In the bottom are magazines, like Retro Gamer, Nintendo Power etc. And my Sega Saturn games.

Shelf closeup - Castlevania
Here are my Castlevania games, this collection is now taking up two full shelves ^_^ You can see all my Castlevania games in my Castlevania Collection post, where I scanned them all :)

Shelf closeup - likeable
Below the Castlevania games are some other random stuff. Like Chrono Trigger, a factory sealed SNES Zelda, Mario Bros for Atari 2600, factory sealed Doom for Atari Jaguar, Darius Twin for SFC, Super Mario RPG, Life Force for NES, Rockman X, Donkey Kong II Game & Watch, Ninja Baseball Batman ;D and much much more..

shelf closeup - sega saturn
Here’s the Sega Saturn games, and  a few Atari Jaguar games.

Sega Mega Drive
Various bead art and my Sega Mega Drive collection ^^ I basically can’t get much more games for this system cause I’m running out of shelf-space! LOL

SMS, NES and Famicom
On the top right are my NTSC NES games, all the way down to the half row with Dreamcast games, below those are PAL NES games. Then PS2 in the bottom. In the left shelf are PS1 games, then some of my favorite Famicom games and all my Sega Master System games (I have finally gotten around to fixing shelves now for those poor games stacked on top of each other) ;D

Shelf closeup - Famicom and PS1
Here’s a closeup of the Famicom games, mainly puzzle, platformers and shooters ^_^

Last but not least I have my Commodore 64 on a small table with a fourth TV on a bureau next to my desk ^_^ There’s also a boxed PAL SNES, another Super Famicom and a black Atari 2600 underneath it :)

I have a lot more games stacked away in various places.. I have 73 game consoles in total (counting a few doubles, over 50 are different systems though) and just got over 3000 games, and  I’m seriously running out of space again and probably need to take over our living room for my retro game collection soon! Just gotta run it past the boyfriend first ;D

52 thoughts on “GAME COLLECTION: My Retro Room re-visited

  1. Awesome game room, H! You should post those pics or a link to them on,as I know it’s PERFECT for the Room of Doom section they have there…

    Amusingly enough, earlier today I partially cleaned out a closet here, so that means I’ve made progress in possibly (maaaaaybe) getting some of my stuff set up in more of a collection format (as opposed to “storage mode”) – we’ll see what happens when I get through moving a ton of other stuff around…


  2. Wow. I don’t know what else to say… Wow :D

    Your collection is well beyond a collection. I’ve think you’ve hit Museum calibre at this point!

    I can’t believe how much stuff you have. And you have a boxed Japanese Mega Drive…so nice. And a Japanese Sega Master System! You know the Japanese game you have; Miracle Warriors? I know you don’t like RGP’s but you have to pop it into your Japanese Sega Master System and listen to it’s FM sound. If you think about what the regular Master System sounds like this will knock your socks off. Also start the game and listen to the music when you’re in the caslte speaking with the King. It sounds great. Really hard to believe it’s 8bit sound!

    You’re feauring Puyo Puyo on your CRT with the Japanese Mega Drive! That is my favorite puzzle game. So fun, so crazy. And it has the best two play mode of any puzzle game. Such a solid game.

    I’ll comment more later… I feel dizzle and need to sit down and rest for a while…

    • haha thanks ^_^ I know, it’s overwhelming the amount of stuff in this room! Sometimes it feels very crowded, but I almost always manage to find what I’m looking for ^_^ This is what happens though when you collect for every game console there is >_< I just can't choose just one!! I don't wanna miss out on all the great games that are out there ^_^

      I will definitely take a listen to the game before I send it off to you ^_^ I'll probably have it sent to you by next week though :)

      Puyo Puyo is definitely one of my favorite puzzle games too, and the multiplayer is awesome! :D I always play it with my niece (6 yrs old) and she's getting quite good at it ;D

  3. WoW your collection is awesome!
    I would like to stay for years in that room!
    Like I said before it would be awesome to visit you with our blogg…..
    Hope I can make that happen later this year!

    Keep on going :D

  4. Very awesome collection. My ten-year-old self would absolutely lose his mind at the sight of this. How did you manage to hook up your systems to one television?

    • Thanks ^_^ Well, on the back of this TV are three scart outputs, two of them I’ve hooked up to scart outlets that turn one scart into three scarts, so there many of them are connected. Then on the side I have outputs for composite (yellow, red and white cables), in these I’ve put splitters so that I can connect more than one console with these cables to the output on the TV ^_^ And one system is hooked up through the antenna output.

  5. I almost forgot to say congrats. on getting interviewed! You have a exceptionally worthy game collection! And people are noticing!
    I think it’s time to start doing some more video reviews :)

    • Thanks :) Well yes, I really really want to! I just haven’t had time for it in a while >_< and still, July is super busy with work and weddings and stuff :/ but soon!! hopefully…

  6. Your collection is absolutely insane. How long have you been collecting? Beyond impressive. Maybe I missed it but I see no love for the Sega Saturn! Seriously, amazing site.

  7. Amazing collection! Mine dwarfs next to yours! But what I see is not only a collection, but good taste in decoration!

  8. I really like the turnstile cassette storage unit for the Commodore tapes.

    I also have a large collection, and one of the challenges I have found is keeping my collection organized and storing it well. There are so many great storage options for tapes (versus cartridges or boxed games) that I wish the format had been more widely used on consoles like the Atari 2600 (Starpath Supercharger not being supported long enough, there are sadly not enough of those releases).

    I disliked the format back in the 80s, due to the load times required, but that doesn’t seem like so much of an issue anymore since I can play a game on another console while I wait for the tape to load.

  9. Hello, okay? Of course, I’m more a person who I am speechless, your collection is beautiful, very beautiful to see a woman like as much as a man, there was a time ago, in which there was no no respect for those who took up the hobby seriously.

  10. Hello,

    Nice collection you have there!
    I´m from Chile and I been collecting videogames for over 6 years, I also have a blog and I already follow you on twitter.

    Regards and take care!

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  12. Whats you opinion about PET protective plastic cases? Do you like them or you prefer to feel your collection as it is?

  13. Stumbled onto your blog/internet presence while researching my next jaunt to Osaka in just a couple of months! I’m blown away by your collection. I’ll be reading more! :) Cheers!

  14. This room is fantastic! I’d love to get my collection up to this kind of level so I can kit a room out. Unfortunately until the kids take up less space I think it’s going to be a while before I get all my consoles out together again. In the mean time I’ll just keep collecting! Great work

    • Thanks! This is actually the old setup of my game room, when it was in a smaller room, if you check the pictures in the bottom of this post there are newer pictures of my latest setup ^__^ I’m really happy with it! And I will definitely keep it even when I get kids ;D They need to grow into gamers haha!

      • У меня когда то была игровая приставка panasonic 3DO, я смотрю на ваших фотографиях в вашей коллекции нету такой приставки, интересно почему на ней тоже существовало много интересных игр.


  15. I think my favorite touch was that Hunter S. Thompson in Duckhunt artwork at the wall. such a fun idea! Great collection and displayed absolutely beatifully, feels very warm and welcoming.

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