Sweet Sega Stuff from the Segadude!!

Last week I received an amazingly kind gift from the Segadude! He sent me a few of his doubles that I didn’t previously have for the Sega Master System! They were all so pretty!! ^_^
segadude gift sega master system games

The games were Missile Defense 3-D, Teddy Boy, Blade Eagle 3-D, Quartet, Golvellius,
Zaxxon 3-D and Wanted!
sega master system games gift

I was also thrilled to find that they all worked on my PAL Master System even though they came all the way from Canada ^_^ I’m not sure if this means that Canada has PAL region too or if the Master System just doesn’t have a region lock for NTSC… still I’m thrilled!! :D
Here’s some screenshots I took with my iPhone while trying them all out ^_^
Blade Eagle Sega Master System
Zaxxon 3-D Sega Master System
Missile Defense 3-D Sega Master System
Missile Defense 3-D
Missile Defense 3D

Both Blade Eagle, Zaxxon and Missile Defense were 3-D games, before I had none now I have three! :D Now I just need to get myself a pair of Sega 3-D glasses so I can see what’s actually going on!! ;D

Golvellius Sega Master System
Golvellius boots!
Yay boots!!! ^___^ Thanks!
golvellius snake

Golvellius seemed like a fun game ^_^ I will give it a longer try ones I have a bit more time :)

Quartet Sega Master System
Tedddy  Boy Sega Master System

Both Quartet and Teddy Boy were fun platformers ^_^

Wanted Sega Master System

And last but not least Wanted, this game would probably have been much easier if I had plugged in the Lightphaser… heh ^_^

A big thanks to the SegaDude for these great games! If you haven’t checked out his site you totally should!! ^_^ What are you waiting for?? GO CHECK IT OUT >>>

5 thoughts on “Sweet Sega Stuff from the Segadude!!

  1. Nice! I wish I knew you when I had a ton of Famicom doubles about six or so years back, lol. Anyway, that’s a cool set of games. If you like and complete Golvellius… you’ll have completed a sort of action/RPG, so hooray! And oh yeah, despite the ending, there was no sequel made (boo!). Compile did make some good space shooters, though…

  2. I love the photos! After seeing so many of your games picutred outdoors at your place it was really funny seeing what were once my games now in your backyard :)
    The 3D glass for the SMS work very well but there aren’t many games that support them and the glasses are hard to get. Don’t spend too much money on them.

    Personally I think Golvellius and Quartet are real gems. Golvellius is an awesome action RPG despite the password save…I wish they used a battery.
    the controls for Quartet are a bit stiff but they work and it’s a fun game too. Not very long so I know it’s one you will beat if you get into it.

    • Thanks! ^_^ I’m happy you liked the pics :)
      Hmm.. I’m gonna keep an eye out for the glasses.. it would be so much fun to have! Does regular old 3D glasses work as well?
      I don’t mind password saves, unless they’re toooo loooong ;D
      yeah the controls were a bit stiff, but I really liked the fact that you could be two players :D
      I got stuck at the first level though.. couldn’t kill that damn bird at the end by the door >_<

      • I don’t think regular 3D glasses work (the red blue kind).
        You would need LCD lenses that can plug in via the stero pin style plugin in order to use the SMS adaptor… but even then I don’t know if they’d work.

        Golvellious has a loonnnggg password save :(
        When you try it out take a clear picture of your pass code with your cell phone! I was writing down my codes and I screwed up on one of them. Sucked.

        You’ll be able to get that first level bird boss. No worries :) Quartet was my first video game for a gaming console. I loved that game!

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